Justice for Women

Posted: July 13, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Opinions
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I found out about the incident in Guwahati yesterday and had similar dispassionate reaction like most of us have to most of the hard news we hear/read/watch almost Daily in this country. So a woman got molested by a mob, so what can I do about it?

Somebody on Twitter asked me to highlight this topic and my response was simply that I am an unemployed, common person with no means to reach out to the world, nor is it required as the media is already doing this job with aplomb.

Not till late last night when I Finally conjured up enough courage that I watched the actual video. It filled me with such dark rage that ran chills down my spine through the entire body; it shook the core of me. How could this possibly be happening in My India? This girl being humiliated by a mob, publicly, as onlookers nonchalantly walked about without Anyone coming to her rescue?

I just couldn’t stop picturing myself in that situation.

  • Am I That lonely? Am I That helpless? Am I That weak?
  • Are men Such savages? Is this at all real?
  • How could I have saved myself if I was her?
  • Could it not happen to me tomorrow?
  • Can I Really blame my parents for not letting my out late?
  • Who is the real culprit-the videographer or the molesters?

Such questions haunted me the entire night. I felt weak, feeble, pathetic and scared. I knew this wasn’t about me, it was about that little girl whose dignity was smashed publicly, but I am a woman too. I can be the next victim too.

The night passed away without a blink of sleep and first time in my life, the morning didn’t bring a wave optimism it always has. That is when I knew I Had to do something about it.

I always knew social media, particularly Twitter was a powerful medium, I just didn’t know how much. Not till today. The way everyone has helped, supported, encouraged and contributed to this initiative has brought back hope in me.

I cannot guarantee justice or change to anyone but I know this much, if I don’t even try, I will never know what we are all capable of, us, the common people.

  1. We are women. That part of the society who is to be loved, respected and taken care of. We don’t ask for any of these stuff. At least don’t snatch away what we have- the DIGNITY which is the purpose of our living. We are not your toys for pleasure. But we are an equal. Today, when this is happened in our very own society, where should we go? What would you do without us? And this may be the first incident that happened here in guwahati. But definitely, this should be the last.This should send a strong message all over the globe- touch us without our free will and lose your head.

  2. md reyaz says:

    Its time to act..God please help us all and give the culprit punishment for insulting the womans and God.

  3. I just wonder what was in the minds of the molesters when they even thought of doing this? has the people’s mentality stoop down so low these days?

  4. Sanket Gogoi says:

    Our country claims 2 have a free society…after 65 yrs of Independence, gals r being molested.. What a shame???

  5. Terry Ovdenk says:

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