Open Letter to the Chief Minister of Assam

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Following letter is written by Priyanjana Das in light of Guwahati incident:

The incident which happened in Guwahati has left the entire country shocked and petrified.  It has been hit by a terribly shocking incident of a girl being molested by a group of twenty men, beating her up mercilessly before stripping her clothes and molesting her in one of the busiest roads of Guwahati. The Incident did not happen with the 20 men and the girl alone on the busiest road but present there people from media, who filmed the entire molestation without fail and made it viral on youtube. On watching that video, it would send chill down your spine to see men giggling and enjoying themselves while making the video.

There has been a lot of questions raised on it Nationwide and it has been trending on Twitter and other social sites. We have raised some questions concerned about it to The Hon’ble Chief Minister Of Assam, regarding the concept of safety which seems far way from reality.

1. We agree to it that the video footage have helped us identify 7 men out of the 20 and the Police has caught 3 of them, but why has the media flashed the entire video footage on TV and it went viral of youtube, could it not have taken snapshots of people and asked for identification quizzes? Or they could have just given the video to the police for further investigation. If tomorrow we get raped, will we be filmed and flashed on TV? We would like to know what steps have been taken to ban unethical journalism when they do not practice the basic ethics of media?

2. Did the media who filmed the video call the police? Did the spectators around just stand and merely enjoy the show? and if they called for police, where was the police? GS Road is the busiest road in Guwahati. We would like to know how much time are we away from safety calls?3. Was the internet footage necessary to create this attention? We would like to know if the police has been slow to act against molesters?

4. Why is the State government silent despite the nationwide rage? We would also like to know if the carelessness of the media has been addressed to by the Government?

5. Also, with 3 caught and the other 17 uncaught, has the girl been provided protection with molesters still roaming around and looming in the city in large numbers.

6. In Assam, the rate of crime against women is a shocking 36.9 per lakh, almost double the national average at 18.9. Are we planning to continue with this?

6. And the last question, has anyone ever thought of the trauma and psychological impact the girl has faced for this uncalled for incident made even more dirty by the careless reporting of the media? If so, has she been provided with psychological counselling? 

We are just a group of students and  we have raised some questions regarding the felonious and appalling crime committed and we expect an answer.

Priyanjana Das 

Kasturi Ratan Verma

Shruti Sarma Hazarika

Kaustuv Prakash Pathak

  1. Well done. Take the issue up further without giving in to unceremonious pseudo-secular forces.

    • Sarbani says:

      The most shocking fact is that,the people and media were merely being spectators and watching it…I want to ask Mr.Tarun Gogoi,God forbid,what if the same incident had happened with his daughter….and what action he would have taken???? We want the same justice for Mousumi Sharma.

  2. Manasi Parvatikar says:

    Shame on the government, Shame on the Police, shame on all the citizens of India. I feel ashamed when I see the video.
    The so called ‘media’ who took the equally responsible as the 20 men.
    This is a national incident not just pertaining to Assam..National authorities should intervene and make sure the girl receives justice..and the perpetrators are behind bars including the ones whoo took the footage. Though I’m very sure the government is incapable of doing this as well..I honestly have no hope

    • S.K.Das says:

      I fully endorse your views.It is not only shame on Assam government.It is shame on Police & media too.The perperators should be put behind bars.All the 20 culprits should be hanged without any judiciary trials.Let us all sensible citizens of India get united & bring speedy justice to the victim.I had a very wrong notion that Assam is safe for ladies.In a recent report there were some army officials molesting a girl.Truly embarassing.No place is safe now.SK Das,Bhubaneswar

  3. Hope the CM will have some response to this!

    • Avilasha says:

      this incident reflects the double faced society and media…..which talks about moral values,ethics on one hand…n has so shamelessly let the video go viral on net. Will blocking out the girls face in the footage save her from the trauma of being publicly humiliated.?….where were the onlookers social values when instead of helping the girl….they were soaked up in cheap thrills…. shame on the people for finding enjoyment out of a helpless girl’s plight…..and shame on the government for being a mere puppet….as always

  4. Smarjeet says:

    just another thing i am concerned no one has raised any issue about, yet –

    “journalism ethics include the principle of “limitation of harm.” This often involves the withholding of certain details from reports such as the names of minor children, crime victims’ names or information not materially related to particular news reports release of which might, for example, harm someone’s reputation.”


  5. Himangshu says:

    m sure the CM is not even going to bother replying.. so we need to tk this initiative forward so dt it may axuly reach his ears.. or into the ears of ppl around him at least. i am ashamed of myself being a part of this society wer there are so many evils. and shame on the National media who highlighted this incident to gain TRPs but has failed to address bigger issues of Assam as usual.

  6. Indian Media really a Shame to you people. I know here most people love tamaasha but as reporters /journalists you should have shown some maturity n handled the issue as it should have been.
    Really please only for TRPs don’t play with the lives of innocent people.
    And Indian Government? Atleast Act sonner Please!!!

  7. Vikas Sharma says:

    I cannot see a single ‘MAN’ in this video. people of Guwahati Disgraceful.

  8. Rudra. Kashyap says:

    We are with u no matter what! This is a very shameful event and we oppose this! I donot stay in Assam but I am an Assamese. Let me know if I can be of any help!

  9. Achyot bora says:

    Hv No word,here people live without sequrity

  10. md reyaz says:

    Its time to act,catching them and keeping them behind’s bar is not gonna work,they should be punished.God help us.Amen

  11. shahid says:

    i am so depressed after seeing the video. poor little girl, i dont know how is she now!! i dont know whats the wrong with all people. police fails to take necessary action, govt as mute as always expected, our idiotic diseased media always doing unethical things, because they are underqualified half literate morons, those silent spectators at the scene of crime… if everything are like this only then it is sure that there is no future of this country, the already troubled assamese society and nothing will be left other than frustations all around. Mr Tarun Gogoi if you are listening then do something for your peoples and your daughter’s security and well being. otherwise there will be no land called Assam for people like you to become CM…… give justice to that lilttle girl…

  12. bhaskar says:

    i think news live channel bandh kar dena sahia . all are rapist inside news live . victim girl atanu bhuyan or zarir hussain ka ma behen hota to vedio you tube may upload nahi hota.

  13. sneha says:

    dere shud neva b a 2mrw. .itz high tym v grlz stnd up n fyt. Itz nt jst d grl. .evry grl travellng in d public transport hs facd dis dillemma.

  14. Sandhya says:

    What happened is in-human… lets see what the government is going to do ??????

  15. Khato says:

    Some words which one of my friend posted in FB struck me hard “Was the GS Road incident staged and politically motivated by somebody to defame the CM who holds the home portfolio? Was the news fed to the National Media by someone who wants to destabilise the Govt. ? Does the public reaction bears similarity to the mass hysteria generated by the death of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika only to forget about him later? ( looking at the pathetic condition of the place of rest of the Bard) Are there too many journos & intelectuals annalyzing and commenting on already known facts? Is this an opportunity for new leaders to make a mark? Many such naging thoughts!! I think there r far more important issues to address for the Govt. and the society. There are many more serious victims of sexual and social ( girls, women and minors) harassment which needs our condemnation than this drunk women who appears to have lied? I am somehow having a gut feeling that both the victim and the tormentors were actors of a play and we are the critics. Are we being over reactive?..”

  16. do u people think that cm gonna go through this letter or hv that much common sense,he should rply?he even nt given a single statement since the inncident occured.the government dont even bother about security of public.they only knows hw to put extra taxes hw to increase price of regular comodities.nw its time we people to take some necessary steps.we need ensure security of our mothers and sisters at any cost.

  17. NCT says:

    By just arresting the culprits, whenever that maybe the poor girl isn’t going to get her dignity back. Such vermin for the lack of a better word, that are corroding the very structure of our society deserve to be given punishments in public as they would in the days of the yore. Only then shall these vermin learn a lesson… Deeply ashamed of calling myself an Indian…

  18. adityarajgogoi says:

    it will be bad to say d molesters r d real culprits,bt its a fault made by d media people who were dre for dose video footage bt not stepd frnt to sve d girl frm dose molesters.

    know d question arrises dat how. come d media people knew about d case that had been over GS road where d police were unknow for a while?
    so, we hpe you r going to reply our post.

  19. Manisha says:

    this was a really unfortunate even..should not have occured..the people laughing and giggling aroung are to be punished along with the people flashing this news for the channel publicity or whatever..poor words to describe the disgusting feeling towards the media and the molesters.

  20. akshay says:

    It is very necessary that stringent action is taken this time. This crime CANNOT go unpunished. Although many such cases happen on a regular basis, Fortunately or unfortunately, this time this issue has received national awareness. If these people are let out without any punishment, it will be a big failure and setdown for the society. People need to be shown that there is no place for such characters in our society.

  21. Supro Roy says:

    Govt. Have to take strict steps against thesd types of criminal and the should punish them severly so that any criminal will think twice before doing such a crime…

  22. Ruma says:

    i appreciate the task taken by this group of students……..thank you….

  23. Mausanjit says:

    Our govt. don’t bother on it, they just know money making policy. But I personally hate these common people of not only the state but the country. They are just useless, hopeless, as usual they just run wait and watch policy.

  24. Ankit Garodia says:

    The fact that Assam has been rated as 2nd highest against women crime is itself a slap on Govts face and on the top of that this kind of incidents dampen our faith on the corporate puppets who are at the helm.I really wish this kind of shocking incidents happen with their near and dear ones,its only than this political bastards will realise the pain….Really a shame..

  25. audy says:

    The vey culprit.. Amar Jyoti should be tied to a pole at the same spot and d victim shud be allowed to Punish d BASTARD in frnt of d entire society with full media coverage..

  26. pallav gogoi says:

    a copy of this letter should be send to PM office. so that immediate action can be taken with high priority.
    and the Govt. have to take strict action against the people who are involved in this case and aginst the mideia personnel who uploaded the video on youtube.

  27. Paresh says:

    Please think about the incident deeply. This is because our (Indian) mindset. Our mindset is same as Talibans. Majority of us think that a girl is bad if she goes out alone at night and has the right to punish her, molest her, rape her or kill her. And these political parties will never open their mouths fearing loss of votes. Shame on Indian democracy. Young generation must come up to counter this mindset.

  28. Santanu thakur says:

    It was such an outrageous act ! Time has come to do something by the concerned public. Because, we have no one to turn to. The governance is non existent, the local media is pervert getting sadistic pleasure from airing the horrible incident again and again . The question is what the media person filming the incident would do if it was their wife or sister being outraged instead of the hapless girl. would they do tha same thing ? They are equally pervert as the ones commiting the crime. The media person along with the police should be punished severely. BUT, ABOVE ALL WE NEED TO KEEP THE FIRE BURNING.

  29. lipika Choudhury says:

    Shame on govt. Shame on media..
    m afraid being an citizen of India n Assam …. I think m not at all safe in any part of India.. Anything can happen anytime without my fault n above that every bloody people will try to enjoy that instead of helping like the media people did in this case….

  30. Nivedita says:

    The entire nation expects a reply. I’m no longer proud to be an Indian, this is a nation of demons.

  31. There is no respond yet from the chief minister of Assam. I would like to suggest to ban the news channel immediately who filmed the entire scene of 30 minutes instead of putting a step forward to help the girl child.

  32. nandhu says:

    Assam , Up, delhi, noida , …. total north always risk yar

  33. Pooja agarwal says:

    @ nivedita dont tell like tat … dont add nation …i am frm mumbai but working in Hyderabad. my work shifts r night time only . but i dont have any issues. and u find like this type of issues in south like hyd r chennai .. proud to be an indian 🙂

  34. RAJ says:


  35. sarmistha says:

    The government better have a justification to all the relevant questions asked. I’m glad you took the initiative to write this letter priyanjana.

  36. bbru says:

    shame on the cheap class reporters of news live…for TRP they have initiated the incident then captured it.ruined a life at very young age..shame on NEWS LIVE

  37. Mouneeta Dewan says:

    Media Ethics…not a very lengthy chapter. The channel should give a brief to all its employees before handing over a goddamn camera and the mic.

  38. annesha sarmah says:

    if the police or other so called political parties or anyone can’t do anything to these bastards who molested the little girl,then just caught them and hand over them to us. we will take necessary action and we will make them feel what a girl feel when she’s undressed and molested in public by some bastards lie them. they should not only hanged but they should be punished till the moment when they say “kill me” and this should be done by the girl and other girls like her not by the useless police.

  39. Deuvanira says:

    yes! you did an awesome job! the blog looks great. and a belated congratulations!

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