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20 men molested girl in Guwahati. Its a breaking news and a shameful act. This is not about one Guwahati, one Bengaluru, one Park Street…this is about collective shame. Where we are living are we living in India where we pray to durga, saraswati, lakshmi for their blessing and on the other side news of the molestation, rape, sexual harassment, female foeticide brings our culture down.Humanity is dead.

As I am on Twitter i can see that many are tweeting regarding the justice for women there thoughts are appreciable and i respect them. As we all are united on Twitter why we all are not united in taking a action or raising our voice . We are know for our united power so please do stand up and unite. Stand for “Justice For the Women”. Spread the message we have to clean our society. Many more work to be do…

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  1. Seema Fitzwater says:

    People should be ashamed of themselves right the media, journalists, YouTube for filming such a painful experience! Would you allow your daughter, sister, wife or mother to be filmed being molested and raped!! And for the public who just watched and did not intervene. You should be ashamed:((

  2. v.s.gill says:

    i second you

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