Posted: July 14, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Poems

Thank you Akshay, for your contribution. God bless!

Voices And Echoes

She lies in the dark corner of the room

Her body still stinking of male obtrusion

Her penetrated soul bearing wounds of shame

Lamenting her birth and existence


She shuts her eyes, the darkness is the same

Her eyes have dried, but her heart’s still crying

The why’s, how’s, what if’s, If only’s haunting her

Killing her softly moment by moment


She once had dreamed of standing tall

Now she’s in a pit of unfathomable depths

She once was a pillar of love and strength

Now she’s torn apart on the streets of disgrace


She once had dreamed of making her nation proud

Now she lies under the dirty smelly feet of her own brethren

She once was the lace tying all the beads

Now she’s broken bit by bit, piece by piece


Someone please tell her that there is hope

For she might soon lose…

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