Posted: July 15, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Uncategorized
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Yes, the title sounds very poetic but at times it can leave you with nightmares. While I am writing this, another girl is being molested in Assam or one being raped in some other part of the world. I am not going to cuss men belonging to a certain city because anywhere you go, they will treat you like a sex object. Oops! Sorry if I thought the universe made me to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Been born and brought up in Delhi, I love this place but yes listening to cases of rapes and assault leave me disgusted. Never understood what it’s like to be touched in an inappropriate way alas! This metro ride few years back got my brain to its exact place. I pushed this guy away for taking advantage of me in that rushed-up compartment of Delhi Metro and of course screamed out stuff. As a result the aunties and uncles gave me the oh-god-mind your language-look and no one bothered to stop the guy who got down at the next station. Yes, I know people are big cowards just got the proof that day. I just have one request to such men; don’t ruin someone’s life because of your desperation. And to girls, be brave and stand up to these things,

Make your voice heard, scream or shout, do whatever. Go out and learn self-defense tricks, if not pepper spray then I guess a deodorant will do an equally nice job. Just stand against anything wrong being done to you as staying mum will only encourage such people.


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