My parents were almost killed fighting for their ideals and what they stand for. After 8 long years of fight, we finally won and justice was delivered to us and to that stranger with whom it all began.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt from my family, it is to stay true to who you are and what you believe in, rather die in a battle than choosing to run away from it and follow your heart along with your brain instead of choosing either extreme.

Justice for Women is not a selfless deed but a selfish act on my part to fight for My Rights and ensure my safety and protection. It is personal to me, what is it to you?

You don’t need to be a victim or their kin to realize why Women’s Rights are important. We’re as much part of this society as children, senior people, politicians or workers, if not more. I don’t have to get into a detailed report on contribution of women to this world to prove our value and importance.

  1. I am simply here to raise these question that you need to discuss with yourself.
  2. Why should you support this cause? What difference would it make to Your life?
  3. Why should this issue be so relevant and higher up in the hierarchy of priorities for you as well as our Government to resolve?

I shall continue to fight for it for as long as I can. If any of you are willing to be a part of this initiative, please connect with me through our official accounts. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  1. I have a lot of times been shown the THUMBS DOWN and people have said nasty things to me, what you are saying is true.. There are a lot of problems that we need to work on ..

    I dont support any single cause, I will support anything that is Good for the nation and NO that is not attending rally’s wasting a whole day, imagine how many people got together for one day that many man hours wasted.. only to go home and Do exactly what the rally was against ..

    I dont have any trust in the GOVT for 65 years we have been waiting for it to do something , anything it has failed miserabley.. although every minister is a millionaire now, Politics is the best JOB one can have to make money .. no ther job brings you enough ..

    so time is think what we as citizens need to do , do we let this govt rule us more .. maybe wait for another 35 to make it a century or do we cant that change ..

  2. sakshikumarindia says:

    No matter how many times we change our Govt. we’re gonna still be stuck in a rut till we change our ideologies, our societal norms and most importantly our education system. As we have been hearing from our teachers, We are the tomorrow. If we don’t understand what is good four out country and work towards achieving it, we’re gonna end up in that dark alley of corruption and continue to screw ourselves over it.

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