TOR-men-TORS: Why are Indian men Disgusting?

Posted: July 17, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Opinions
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Guest Post by Tanmay Mehta:

The male-chauvinist pigs, that most Indian men are, time and again prove that they are an embarrassment to the human race. They pick their nose in public, they eat disgusting things like gutkha, tobacco and pan and paint any and every area with it and they urinate just about anywhere. They are untidy and filthy. Now many would disagree, try to argue that they are not untidy and filthy, that they are rather very well-mannered and very presentable. May be… But inside every man’s mind there is filth, dirt, grime and grunge. Not only are they disgusting, they all are rapists! 

As offending as it may seem, its the truth. They are all rapists because rape is not only about forced sexual intercourse but physical harassment such as groping & eve-teasing as well. We know enough cases through the media to know that rapes and molestation cases are alarmingly high in India, with its capital, Delhi, also being termed as the Rape Capital. In India, every 26 minutes, a woman is molested; every 34 minutes, a woman is raped; every 42 minutes, an incident of sexual harassment takes place. Let us do the math… in a year, 20215 women are molested, 15459 women are raped and 12514 women are sexually harassed. Thats one shameful stat!

Now, you would say that you never raped, molested or sexually harassed any one. And I would ask you to reconsider. Every minute, some girl is groped in a crowded bus, inappropriately touched by a friend or relative, eve-teased and demeaned by shameless pricks. These acts of sexual harassment are done by otherwise decent men. 

Now, a few of you would still say that you never sexually harassed or violated a woman. And I would ask you again to reconsider. By my guess, 98 percent of Indians, men and women alike, feel that women are raped, molested or sexually harassed because of the way they dress, they talk or the way they behave. And those who feel so, are the rapists to be. Because, one fine day, their judgmental small minds would conclude that a skimpy dress, a sweet talk or a friendly hug is an ‘invitation’ and they would do everything possible to honour the ‘invite’. 

And so I say all Indian men are rapists, with, of course, a few honourable exceptions.  This small minority of Indian men, who actually are well-mannered, presentable, nonjudgmental and open-minded individuals, are passive and silent to all the ill-doing and garbage-thinking around them. But I admire those that stand up for women and have even died in an act of protecting women in need.

So all my rapist friends out there, I’m sure you would like to get rid of the rapist tag. But in order to do that you need to show some maturity in the way you think. These are some guidelines in order to not be a rapist: 

Firstly, with regards to not being an actual rapist or molester: 
1. Its okay if you die a virgin. 
2. You can buy a book on self-help. 
3. Rape and molestation are crimes. You would be jailed, if not killed by the victim or an angry mob. 
4. A sexually-transmitted disease might easily get transmitted in the act, as obviously, you won’t have the time or sense to use a condom then. 
5. Molestation and rape dont prove your masculinity. They just reiterate the fact that you are a wuss. 
Secondly, with regards to not being a sexual harasser: 
1. Acts like blind-groping, eve-teasing, indecent-touching are disgusting acts of the weak. 
2. The pleasure therein is miniscule, but makes you an ugly person, and demeans a human being. Thus, its not worth it. 
3. There’s a fine line between appreciating someone and demeaning someone. The next time, you like a girl, don’t whistle. May be, if you have the balls for it, then approach the girl and tell her with utmost respect and without any expectations that you like her and get the hell out of there. If she feels the same about you she would do something about it, if not, don’t bother her again. 
Finally, with regards to not being a potential rapist: 
1. If you roam around without a shirt, and even if you have great muscles, no girl would try to molest you. Same is expected from you. A girl wears certain clothes in certain way because thats her fashion sense, thats the way she likes to see herself. It in no way signifies that she wants you to do her. Even if you find a girl without any clothes (hypothetically), it must mean that either she’s too poor to have clothes or she’s a nudist. And if she actually wants you to do her, she will just tell you. Dont worry, she has that much guts. 
2. Just because a girl drinks and/or smokes, it does not mean that she sleeps around. That’s just your wishful thinking. Same is the case with a girl going to a disco or such other place. 
3. Just because a girl is in multiple relationships, allegedly or otherwise, it does not mean that she can’t say no to you. Even a prostitute has every right to deny. So don’t feed yourself the moral crap of she deserves it and shit! 
4.Don’t be judgemental of peoples characters. You dont know shit about what goes on in their minds and in their lives. 

I hope, we Indian men, pick ourselves up, and treat women with respect and dignity. Lets re-inspire the genesis of chivalry.

  1. Patel says:

    man did you get bit by an Indian man during an intercourse? you sure are rabid. lol BTW kinda agree on guys eating Gutka and spitting it everywhere, however, As long as I was in India, I always saw people discouraging that behavior, and I am born Indian. BTW it is fault of both man and westernized Indian women for all the rape cases going on. And BTW I am not a rapist or a molester, I am a Men and I have my biological feelings for women. just because some stupid guy cant control his mind doesnt mean all men are rapist. you need to analyze your own opinion and thoughts. My guess is either you are one of those hardcore feminists who want men to give up their biological traits or just a egoistic woman. BTW we indian men are much better than men from many other countries. why dont you go to pakistan or Afghanistan. Then you will get to see how Indian men are really the MOST disgusting and embarrassment for human race. Thanks for wasting good 10 minutes of my life. summing it up, I think a strong ORGASM would be good enough to bring change in your opinion.

    • You assuming that this post is written by an Indian woman shows your mentality and respect towards us. And by respect I mean lack there of.
      If you took 10 mins. to read this write-up I wonder how could you not see the 1st line that says its a guest post.
      But it’s ok, no offence taken since someone too slow to read and as unsympathetic and ignorant like yourself can hardly be taken seriously.
      Good day! 🙂

      • I just like to give a reply to Mr.patel on his view over the post.First of all i wish to leave an abusive reply to what Mr.patel said,but i do not want todo it because ,if i make such a comments as Mr.Patel did, there would be no difference between him and me.Secondly, in every way perception differs.Not only men do have the “Biological feelings” even women do have ,agreed. But how you express to your opposite sex differs .Expressing and perception differs from abusiveness and dominance.Are you trying to say disgusting dominance is a “biological feeling”you are also saying that Indian men are far better that men from other countries??? have gone mad.

        1 crime committed against women every three minutes
        1 molestation case every 15 minutes
        1 sexual harassment case every 53 minutes
        1 kidnapping and abduction case every 23 minutes
        1 rape case every 29 minutes

        And those are only the reported and recorded statistics. What’s more:

        Four out of 10 women in India have experienced violence in the home.
        45% of women have suffered at least one incident of physical or psychological violence in their life.
        26% have experienced at least one moderate form of physical violence.
        More than 50% of pregnant women have experienced severe violent physical injuries.
        According to the NCRB, approximately 6,000 women are killed in India every year because of dowry. Unofficial estimates are as high as 15,000 deaths a year. In other words, between 16 and 40 women die every day because of dowry.
        ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY THAT THIS STATICS IS OK??? AND I AM SHAMEFUL TO SAY THAT IN ACCORDANCE TO THIS STATICS ,WHEN WHEN I AM TYPING THIS ,A CRIME AGAINST WOMEN WOULD HAVE BEEN COMMITTED AND ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY THAT WE CAN CONTINUE IN THE SAME FASHION ??? .Think why there are so many organizations for protection against women and government does help them .In simple they are in need of it .I am no trying to put an illogical reply or so blah blah blah as you did ,I am just trying to make to you think and realize.

        I stay,

    • Neha Jha says:

      Can u just explain to me what do u mean by ‘westernized women’??? If girls wear jeans ,then they are inviting u to rape??? If u read the post carefully u’ll know what she’s trying to say!! Great! I hope u don’t have any female friends!! Because if they get eve-teased,u’ll say-“see,it wouldn’t have happened had u been wearing a saree.” By the way,let me tell u, I’ve seen my teachers getting eve-teased as well & they wear sarees! U need to broaden your mind! Indian men ARE NOT BETTER than men of other countries! Why so many rapes happen if u are so good?? You will realize this only when someone close to you will get raped!

      • Sanjana says:

        Don’t say that ……. even if he is a chauvinistic pig , we can’t wish that fate on anyone , it would just be plain wrong

    • PatelsOwnMotels says:

      Everything aside, your barometer to call Indian men “much better” than those from other countries are men from Pakistan and Afghanistan??? LOLOLOLOL!

    • Sanjana says:

      Wow , there were so many grammar mistakes i could barely make out any sense from your lines. or perhaps that was just your extreme bias that made it difficult to comprehend? well , i suppose i’ll never know!! I’d like to know what you mean by ‘westernized indian women ‘ causing rapes . As the author has already clearly said , if you were to take off your shirt and roam the streets , no girl would rape you. Some girls might find such a sight attractive ( not you in particular as you are far too disgusting for words ( that’s why you have this point of view right?because girls sense how filthy you are and reject you? ) ) but they manage to control themselves and rein in their lust , is it too much you ask that men do us the same favour? and Nobody asked you to read this , Mr. Patel , you have only yourself to blame if you consider this a waste of your time . Lastly , I’d just like to say …….. i don’t think many women orgasm during rapes , they are likely to go through the most excruciatingly painful and coldhearted of defilements , not an enjoyable session .
      P.S – BTW? seriously? how very juvenile .

    • Anne says:

      How can you possibily blame a victim for being subjected to crime.What your trying to say is that, tomorow if you walk into a pub , and a group of men homosexually rape you, you are responsible for it?
      It would shatter you wouldn’t it? It is disturbing for a straight man to get raped by another man, the same way, every women’s nightmare is to be raped or be subjected to unwanted sex. No body deserves it and nobody asks for it.

    • Kiyuki Chore Ke Daari Me Tinka, why so defensive, acknowledge all these ills and find a solution. Don’t you find to be in the same league as other Indian males, I do.

  2. Indian Men says:

    Fast FACTS on Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence in USA (world’s most “civilized” country lol):

    Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. (“Violence Against Women, A Majority Staff Report,” Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate)

    There are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the United States. There are 3,800 animal shelters.

    Three to four million women in the United States are beaten in their homes each year by their husbands, ex-husbands, or male lovers. (“Women and Violence,” Hearings before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee)

    The American Medical Association reported that as many as 1 in 3 women will be assaulted by a domestic partner in her lifetime — 4 million in any given year. (“When Violence Hits Home.” Time)

    An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. (Costs of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in the United States. 2003. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centers for Injury Prevention and Control. Atlanta, GA.)

    85% of domestic violence victims are women. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, Intimate Partner Violence, February 2003)

    25% – 45% of all women who are battered are battered during pregnancy.

    Nearly 7.8 million women have been raped by an intimate partner at some point in their lives. (Costs of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in the United States. 2003. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centers for Injury Prevention and Control. Atlanta, GA.)

    The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 billion each year, $4.1 billion of which is for direct medical and mental health services.

  3. Indian Men says:

    The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 billion each year, $4.1 billion of which is for direct medical and mental health services.

    There are 16,800 homicides and $2.2 million (medically treated) injuries due to intimate partner violence annually, which costs $37 billion. (The Cost of Violence in the United States. 2007. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centers for Injury Prevention and Control. Atlanta, GA.)

    One in ten calls made to alert police of domestic violence is placed by a child in the home. One of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser or victim.

    Between 600,000 and 6 million women are victims of domestic violence each year, and between 100,000 and 6 million men, depending on the type of survey used to obtain the data.

    Women accounted for 85% of the victims of intimate partner violence, men for approximately 15%. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, Intimate Partner Violence.

    Nearly three out of four (74%) of Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. 30% of Americans say they know a woman who has been physically abused by her husband or boyfriend in the past year. (Allstate Foundation National Poll on Domestic Violence, 2006. Lieberman Research Inc., Tracking Survey conducted for The Advertising Council and the Family Violence Prevention Fund.

    • I would urge you to compile this data in a post and send to us so we can publish it separately under your name.

      • Indian Men says:

        Hmm… Interesting. Never quite thought that my Facts about USA would be allowed to publish, considering so many negativity and smear campaign about Indian men all over the web but never about Western/white countries!

        We all know who are spamming their BS around the web about Indian men as they are just the latest victims of White/western supremacy like many other Men of Color (Black, Hispanic) in the West. For many many years Western media tried to portray other Men of Color eg. black, Latinos in many negative light… But obviously we can’t expect “Indian girls” to know about these tactics since they are new in this arena.

        Have you ever read the novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’? I believe not… It is the second highest philosophical book held right after the Bible. Read that book, so you would have an understanding of how Colonialist/supremacist mentality works!


      • Indian Men says:

        BTW… was wondering why the First post of my ‘Facts about Violence against Women in USA’ were not allowed to post though… Do I have to repost it again?

        Was wondering are we all about free speech here.

      • Indian Men says:

        Now along with all these facts you should also know that Western Media is also very pro-feminist to the point of hating and violating Men’s rights! Why you may ask? LOL just ask any Western men why do they opt for ‘Eastern girls’ leaving their own women.

        All these are nothing but bigger plan who funds “Western Idelogies” of ‘Depopulation’. Yes, please google that. These are funded by big Elite groups and Media corporations who are infact in charge of everything.

        So now they are trying to set this kind of ‘Indian men hating’ trend and agenda in India…. LOL. Alas, they would Fail miserably because Indian men are Dumb like their western counterparts and knows or at least it rings bell for them (about Western agendas) too easily. Have you not seen the protest regarding ‘Marrige Wealth Steal’ bill that was put up in Congress?

        Follow good information website like: ‘’
        And you would get to know about a lot of things!

  4. It is like pot calling the kettle black. Instead of playing the blame game, what is important is for us to concentrate on curbing crime against women, be it by Indian men or western men. What needs to be kept in mind is that these statistics are actually real women being raped, killed, molested left, right and center and we need to provide justice to them.

    • Indian Men says:

      I highly doubt about the “Statistics” you have post… because many times these so called ‘statistics’ actually comes from NGOs (Foreign Non-governmental Agencies) or UN or some Western Funded “Human Rights” group!

      These are nothing but latest lamenting against Indian men just as they tried to do with India itself. I ask you this… Why do only very poor picture of India (slums and nasty rivers) being shown in the West CENSORING Mumbai skyscrapers, malls or highways?

      As if that is the only image they want show about India Never the other half… the Good Life, Our Rich culture, architect or things we can only see in Indian media like Sony and Zee TV! Why?

      Why is this poor picture? Where are the blogs about this biasness and hypocrisy? I mean when see any Western channel the only thing they can show about their cities are their skycrappers and highways. Where are the ghettos or slums in Brooklyn or mostly “undeveloped” simple lifestyle outside the city?

      As for the ‘”statistics” I would highly encourage that this be done by Indian Govermantal Agencies rather then basing our “facts” on some foreign NGOs because we all know what their agenda is all about!

  5. Indian Men says:

    Here you tried to put an act of a “sexual harraser”… you have said,

    1. Acts like blind-groping, eve-teasing, indecent-touching are disgusting acts of the weak.

    -Now I ask u, is this not a VERY COMMON characteristics of ‘Western Men’ toward their female counterparts?? Have unever been to the West? Have u been to the night clubs or know anything about what is going on there? Or have u at least seen some of the Western movies?

    Indian men seems super decent and respectful if you were ever to compare between the two. Pls. Wake up from your rosy bed and see the world for what it is! Thank you.

    2. The pleasure therein is miniscule, but makes you an ugly person, and demeans a human being. Thus, its not worth it. 

    -Yes, there is Good, Ugly, Bads in all races and Genders! Eve-teasing men just ‘eve-tease’ that’s all they do. ‘Slutty’ women seems to take advantage of these ‘eve-teasing’ men as they seem to like it. Nothing new in Western countries either!

    3. There’s a fine line between appreciating someone and demeaning someone. The next time, you like a girl, don’t whistle. May be, if you have the balls for it, then approach the girl and tell her with utmost respect and without any expectations that you like her and get the hell out of there. If she feels the same about you she would do something about it, if not, don’t bother her again. 

    -Yes, this kind of Feminist mentality in the West have actually taken Western men to the point of being not approaching their women at all! Again I ask Why do Western men jump all over for Asian women in the west leaving their own in the dust?

    Trust me, Indian men in the West are Not very fond of western girls either, as they are very well aware of their Attitudes and Believe system. So what they do? They go back home to marry for the kind of women ‘western men’ are running for!

    Now lemme see what you have to say regarding this.

  6. Indian Men says:

    Fast FACTS on Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence in USA (world’s most “civilized” country lol):

    Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. (“Violence Against Women, A Majority Staff Report,” Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate)

    There are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the United States. There are 3,800 animal shelters.

    Three to four million women in the United States are beaten in their homes each year by their husbands, ex-husbands, or male lovers. (“Women and Violence,” Hearings before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee)

    The American Medical Association reported that as many as 1 in 3 women will be assaulted by a domestic partner in her lifetime — 4 million in any given year. (“When Violence Hits Home.” Time)

    An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. (Costs of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in the United States. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centers for Injury Prevention and Control. Atlanta, GA.)

    85% of domestic violence victims are women. (Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, Intimate Partner Violence)

    25% – 45% of all women who are battered are battered during pregnancy.

    Nearly 7.8 million women have been raped by an intimate partner at some point in their lives. (Costs of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in the United States. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centers for Injury Prevention and Control. Atlanta, GA.)

    The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $5.8 billion each year, $4.1 billion of which is for direct medical and mental health services.

  7. Indian Men says:

    I would request you… Just as you posting all these Crap about rape victims, honor killings or marriage institution about India (buying into Western idelogies)

    Can u pls aware everybody about all the Biasness, prejudice, disinformation and bigotry that goes on about Eastern so called “under developed” countries like India, Africa goes on at full speed on western media?

    Do you have any idea how they view us?

    Have you ever seen so called “slum dog Millionaire” or making fun of Indian call centers eg. “Outsourced” comedy series (thus making fun or all their hard work and services) or so many documentaries about Indian slums, dirtiness, disease or proverty?

    Do you get to see the little short clips in movies or reality shows nowadays about ‘Indian povertiness’? Surprise?

    Do you understand that they are making fun of ppl like YOU who buy into their bullcrap ideologies and who would turn against your own country men rather then defending the true image of India? We know part of the reason India is poor today is because of many of the IMF and World Bank trade policies.

    So where are the Awareness, blogs, comments regarding all these biases, bigotry and prejudice? Where are the protest regarding ‘Indian community’ being viciously attacked and hated in many of these Western countries?

    Shouldn’t there be more blogs about it since so many Indian students, immigrants, visitors and business persons head out to the West every year and face prejudice and Racism? Where are all ‘intellectual Voices’ regarding all these matter? Where are the outcries??

    I live in the West and I can truly tell u that I am the first hand victim of this. Just ask any NRIs or POI so can get Both side of the picture (the true color)… Not just one-sided!


    • So you are trying to say that all these statistics are false and women arent in danger in India but we pretend to be so, to give in to the western ideology of the country?
      Part of loving your nation is to see both negative and positive and then work accordingly.
      Anyway seems you don’t realize the grave situation that women in our country are facing so I shan’t continue this argument with you.
      As for blogging is concerned, since you seem to know so much about this issue, why don’t you make a blog yourself?

      • Indian Men says:

        Yes I might make a blog in due time… But I understand you living in India don’t really have much idea about what goes in the West I presume.

        In any case, u should at least be aware that many times, many of these statistics are made up by Foreign agencies in order to support their biased picture. I am not saying that Rape and all these abuses doesn’t happen in India… it does, just like Mormon killings or child molestation goes in many different part of the US. HOWEVER THESE ARE NOT MAINSTREAM OR PERFORMED BY MAJORITY GOOD DECENT FOLKS IN ANY COUNTRY.

        These are Blogged, pressed a lot more in Western media then real issues because these things supports their agenda of breaking Marriage instituion, creating high divorce rate culture, create Gender wars and Depopulation.

        As I said Google some of those keywords, you get to see the Real picture not just one-sided.

      • Why Indian women Hypocritical of men? says:

        And men dominate women,right…Typical feminist approach.Indian men are disgusting according to high society madams within our country and Indian women are god given gift to indian society who never harms anybody and wants to ensure “Equality”.If they are oppressed and India is a patriarchy how come more men commit suicides than women in India?498 A of dowry law is used to torture men and their family’s by the so called “Bahus” from heaven. Women want modernization in India only on certain things and they have never wanted to change Patriarchal myth like men must provide alimony to his wife for taking care of her for an Indefinite period.also they want ancestral property of husband in case of divorce too.No so called “Modern” indian women will speak for equal rights for men and women,cuz it’s all about denying Basic human rights of men and “Overpowering Women” in the name of equality.Gutkha,pan,drinks,smoke,all are individual liberties of those who chose,Indian men also have freedom and we don’t ask for your help,Every Indian women wants to change every man and not respect each ones individuality and when women are generalized they say,”No not all of us are like that”.When law blindly delivers so many rights one sided to women you will still come out and say chauvinistic pigs.You talk about safety of women in delhi,name one place in the world where its same for anyone?You talk about number of women dying,and completly ignore the number of men dying in the streets,is women safety all that is needed and men should all just die off?Women are doing severe male bashing and wow what a gender equality we have here….Women like the Author call men Chauvenistic pigs even after enjoying complete benefits over a man,Then what should men call wemen like them???What a sexist…Disgusting…

  8. Indian Men says:

    And for last I should add that, Grouping, eve-teasing, abusing, raping and sexing is Rampant if not dominant in Western culture… And women seem there like it very much (watch all the music videos or head out to any night club, bar or beaches in the West).

    So What’s with all these Hypocrisy regarding India or Indian culture as if they do its all A-okay but when we do it like we are doing some sort of crime??

    Bigotry at it’s best!

    • Mark says:

      You really are an ignorant fuckwit! The whole tenet of the original blog (whilst admittedly provocative) was about respect and encouraging us, as men, to take action. We have a huge part to play in using our voice to support women in addressing violence against them. Not taking action is simply to collude with the violence! So, brother, read the most important statement (my opinion) in the first blog; there’s a fine line between appreciating someone and demeaning someone. This is the bit I take issue with Tanmay ( for, as a Scotsman, I can’t comment on India and it’s men). There is not a fine line …. There is a chasm! True respect is based upon a desire to listen, empathise and work together to create a world worthy of our daughters and sons.

      Give up on “India Men”, he is stuck inside his own screwed view of women as objects. He is a long, long way from even being prepared to open his mind.

      But …. Keep blogging! Very interesting xx

    • Neha Jha says:

      You are just trying to divert our mind away from the core topic! Yes,American men also rape. It happens everywhere. But,c’mon! I don’t think that means whatever Indian men are doing is fine!!! Don’t bring racism here! we’re talking about India only. If rapes happen in USA,that does not mean it should happen here as well. And,it seems you are trying to justify that eve-teasing is okay!!! Shame on you! Were you not taught anything? By the way,no woman LIKES eve-teasing,molestation or rape!!! And,stop behaving like kids. Music videos are not real. That’s not how things take place. Do our films show only reality??? Please use some sense!! If you are so interested in eve-teasing & think western women like it..please head to the west. Let me see how you are not beaten by the women & police there!!!

    • Sanjana says:

      What in God’s name are you even saying?? Do you understand it yourself or are you just saying the first thing that pops into your walnut of a brain . yes , rapes happen elsewhere too , but this topic is specifically about how disgusting Indian men can be . By the way , if any woman likes it , it can’t be described as eve teasing , abusing , or raping her . That would be an act of force , not a personal choice. Nobody said it was A-okay when other people did it , that’s wrong as well . You’re probably just another rapist in the making yourself , saying ” If the westerners get to do it , i wanna too!!! wahhh!! wahhh!!!(*stupid baby’s crying and whining*) ”

  9. I leave a comment each time I like a article on a site or if I have something to contribute to the conversation. Usually it is caused by the passion communicated in the post I read. And after this article TOR-men-TORS: Why are Indian men Disgusting? JUSTICE FOR WOMEN. I was actually excited enough to drop a comment 🙂 I actually do have some questions for you if it’s okay. Is it simply me or do a few of these comments look like they are coming from brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are writing on other social sites, I would like to follow you. Could you list all of all your social pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  10. Navneet Sahu says:

    Wow what an article it reflects the writers mind how she sees the world, how she ‘Grown Up’ it reflects how her family treats to every women in their relation, society…
    she thinks every man( Including her father, brothers, male friends, male teachers, even auto walla, milk man, ) is a rapist…
    Great, Very good, good going happy to know a woman who is daughter of rapist.

  11. atit says:

    when u says all men are rapist .. i have only thing to say tht u r cross breed..

  12. rudra says:


  13. ritooraj says:

    Every 9 minute a married man commits suicide because of harassment. Just because you are posting some fudged data about rape, sexual harassment it does not mean that you are right. The media is male hating entity.

  14. partha says:

    I think you need mental treatment. You do not have even iota of information and talking rubbish.

  15. Abused by the gender that pretends they never abuse says:

    The author’s tone suggests (s)he is neither Indian nor a man. Else, the level of self-deprecation and self-flagellation is noteworthy, almost religious – but then feminism is religion. The author is then not a man but a mangina.

    To the blog owner:
    Much of the written description is about poor Indian men, rather than urban educated men. Guess what’s the most influential factor in one’s personality ? It’s the mother. What kind of mothers do you think these men of rough manners and gutkha/paan chewing practice have ? They’re very coarse, abusive women too. They probably abuse their husbands and children too, so when some of these hundreds of thousands of abused children grow up to commit crimes , you sit up and take notice of news headlines but the abuse of these kids (and adults) at the hands of women – often their own mothers( most common source of abuse , even a feminist leaning Times of India agrees the mothers are the single biggest group of child abusers , feel free to search their website ) , step-mothers, aunts – not just fathers and brothers, are abusers but that doesn’t even become a statistic in the NCRB because, children are least likely to complain about their mothers, no matter how abusive.

    So you think all men should share blame for the acts of a few ? Let’s see , I hold all women guilty for crimes against men and children too. Unfortunately, I don’t have findings/statistics on female abusers in India, our “mother worshiping” culture probably ensures no mother will be booked for abuse. But one can easily find female criminal cases abroad , including rape/sexual abuse of children. And the most telling lesson from testimonies of abuse victims, is that they aren’t believed when they say they are raped by women. At least some of the western media is now publishing female abuser’s names and photos, hopefully they are registered in the sex offender registry.

    I’d take some time to search my own bookmarks for more, or google them for you, but I figure it is irrelevant to you – you likely only care about female victims, but choose to ignore all the abuse that female perpetrators dish out.

    So why is our society so keen to pretend that women don’t commit crimes, especially the sexual kind ? Child abuse by women is the most under-reported of all crimes, and unlike men , women manipulate victims to such an extent , the victims seem to be dazed and confused for years, even decades , before realizing what they underwent was abuse. I have read confessions by a few, who wrote that police, society and even counselors were unwilling to admit that women commit sex crimes. One letter, the first such I read, was from a wheelchair bound girl who complained about the Canadian police not accepting her testimony ( case from the 1980s).

    So if you think society is apathetic to crimes against women, society is even more apathetic to crimes committed by women. But all I can expect from feminists , the NCW , the WCD on crimes women commit , is pretense. To their rose-tinted world, women never lie (see two identified false rape accusations within this week alone, the police know there are many more but the politically correct police shame and blame them if they speak up) . It doesn’t fit their ideology , their religion – which denounces all men as abusers and all women as victims. The reality is more likely otherwise.

  16. irrelevant says:

    “@Abused by the gender that pretends they never abuse” . If we had such a mother-worshipping culture Indians wouldn’t be so busy raping their women. And what are you trying to prove man? That because females have commited crimes you should go rape your neighbour? Incidentally, how many husbands beat up their wives? And how many of these cases are reported? And are all of them poor, uneducated or rural? Its not some “men versus women” struggle either. If you were brought up thinking that girls are another species entirely (Your screen name implies you believe the first and the second is likely a fact) men and women are formed by the environment they grow up in. We don’t *want* violent people around. Period. It gets you fired from a sensible job, it gets you thrown out of respectable company and ought to alienate you from decent society. Sections of society that do not adhere to social contract are either transformed or removed. (The removal is often referred to as a cleansing and is frowned upon, but you’ve probably come across that term during your conviction fueled I’m-better-than-him/her and He/She-has-wronged-my-kind reading sessions. Go you!)

    @ Yes, abuse happens everywhere but the whole point of evolution is to *get better*. Ignore what the crazies do elsewhere and try to improve things here. Tomorrow if they kill a thousand people in Africa, is that justification for you to do the same? Looks like it, you sick fuckers.

    • Abused by the gender that pretends they never abuse says:

      It’s far from a father worshipping culture (patriarchy) that sends 10 year old boys to be castrated to satiate some goddess and for society to mock. The same society that shows no concern or outrage when a 7 year old boy’s genitals are destroyed but gets worked up over rape, which for most cases doesn’t even cause much damage, let alone permanent – exceptions like recent Delhi one are rare, but hey – the same society was so tolerant of male genital mutilation, that mothers themselves sent 10 year old sons to be castrated. Bloody hypocrites. I have reading newspapers since 20+ years and every single instance of male genital mutilation was done to some innocent boy or man, not to any criminal. Yet in 20 years, no outrage, no calls for stiff punishment like castration (most of these committed by women). Where is the equality women asked for ? All assumptions are made about only men being rapists – and women do crimes worse than rape like above.

      That abuse of males are way more common and yet overlooked, like boys and men are just supposed to man up and take whatever abuse is dished out because they’re male. That is proof of female bigotry and hypocrisy. That any barbaric punishment is only handed out to men while worse crimes that are by no means a rarity, elicit not only lack of outrage but often cheers and support. I hope to see men doing the same to cheating wives – tie them up and cut off their breasts and genitals , see if society still cheers and supports them the way they do for women.

      No, I meant that women should be punished for their crimes too, but this society is only keen on punishment for men, and ignores all the evil that women do. And that these evil women are unpunished, while society calls for more and more persecution of men , often the men abused by the same women, is only going to result in more violent crimes. You cannot solve a problem that is caused by misandry, by creating more misandry. Equality doesn’t mean pushing more women as CEOs and MDs alone, it also means the same punishments be given for crimes of serious nature.

      • Respectful says:

        You are seriously deranged. Saying rape does no damage? Rape is what nearly all females fear the most. You raise some irrelevant points about men’s problems. If they bother you so much, GO CHANGE IT. In the meantime DONT RAPE. It’s that fucking simple. DONT RAPE. Keep your dick in your pants until someone actually SAYS they want to sleep with you. It’s not rocket science!

  17. Indian Men says:

    Interesting discussion here regarding Indian men…

    No we can all see what is Really going on about ‘Indian men” in biased, bigoted, Racist, prejudiced Western media!

    Thanks to the Righteous!

  18. Ramya Reddy says:

    I am surprised that not even one comment in this blog suggested that she is being sexist against men? Have people gone blind or what? Calling all men as rapists is an insult to me as well. It’s like calling my father and brother as rapists as well. The law should take action against sexism committed by women as well!

    • Apurva says:

      This post has been written by a guy. The method used for writing is sub-generalization, or rather, a shifted epithet. By using the words ‘all men,’ the blogger wants to convey that somewhere in their minds, MOST men have just the ‘slightest’ notion of the women being wrong. The post isn’t saying that they are out to rape, but they are those figurative rapists who have prejudiced opinions about a woman or don’t mind watching videos of sexually harassed women. Truly, with complete honesty, can anyone give me just one example of a person who thinks that he should cook with/for his wife and be a ‘house-husband’ (housewife sounds so common, doesn’t it?) Are there men who feel offended instead of amused at those jokes which mock women as make-up obsessed, soap-operas’ crazed weirdos?
      I know a handful of examples, only that they are so less than these billion ‘rapists’.
      If you insist that the writer is being sexist, then mentally delete your last statement because this blog is written by a guy, and hence, women can’t take the credit of being sexist here.
      Secondly, I strongly agree to the fact that woman shouldn’t be so judicious or sexist either. There are times when I end up ranting to my brother how ‘all men’ are chauvinistic, I take my words back and say ‘some men.’

  19. carmen says:

    I actually agree with everything you said. Indian men are disgusting. Rape is in their blood. A woman was brutally gang raped and tortured just a few months ago in India by several indian men. and now just yesterday another woman was gang raped in India by several men. Rapes happen every fucking thirty minutes in India.. that is just.. i can’t even fathom. There have been MILLIONS of rapes, sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual crime in India. and guess what? only about 5% get charged. It doesn’t help with the Indian police being corrupt themselves, and many of them are rapists as well. I think we can all agree that India is a shameful country and has a disgusting reputation. The law is corrupt. A rapist can easily bribe his way out of conviction because even the police are dirty slobs. India is RAPE CAPITAL. You hear me? that’s the label and reputation it fucking has. And I can say with certainty that 90% of men in India are filth. Something needs to be done to protect woman and children from these monsters. The country is dangerous, not from war, or governemnt. but from MEN. Men are endangering the lives and rights of indian woman and children every single minute. and whats being done about it? nothing. Shame on you india. shame on your culture and your men. Because Indian men are the most disgusting pieces of shit in this sick world. I wish I could save all the indian woman and children and take them away from that horrible place, put them in a safe place, without the sexual preadators around.

  20. nofeminismshit! says:

    The male-chauvinist pigs, that Indian men are, time and again prove that they are an embarrassment to the human race. They pick their nose in public, they eat disgusting things like gutkha, tobacco and pan and paint any and every area with it and they urinate just about anywhere. They are untidy and filthy. Now many would disagree, try to argue that they are not untidy and filthy, that they are rather very well-mannered and very presentable. May be… But inside every Indian man’s mind there is filth, dirt, grime and grunge. Not only are they disgusting, they all are rapists! -ya are a disgrace mate!

  21. arun says:

    Thank you so much for labeling us in same category .NOW GET BACK TO THE KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A SAMMICH

  22. Genb says:

    I happen to read your blog by chance because a man from your country has offered love to me, he is a widower from Pune with 2 sons. One son is married and lives in Delhi, the other son still studying and lives with him. Now.. I can’t help but compare women from my country Philippines from women in your country India.

    Here in my country Filipino women wears shorts, mini skirts and skinny jeans everywhere and Filipino men are so used seeing women in these clothes and no one bothers to look at all. People will only look when the woman has beautiful face, super sexy and with super smooth skin. There’s no sexual harassment, sexual teasing or sexual words or the man will end up in jail in other words no sex maniacs here. For a man here to be called sex maniac is very shameful on his part it’s like he has a communicable disease and should be avoided at all costs.

    Women here can travel alone and is safe at nights…even if she wears skimpy clothes. I don’t think women deserves to be harass sexually with the clothes she wears. Clothes for me and for us here in my country is an expression of our fashion sense and not as an invitation for rape and sexual harassment. It’s not the clothes that a person wears that matters, it is the heart and character that matters most.

    Also what’s so tempting with legs when it’s just legs, nothing more, nothing less….

    Now, I am thinking of the offer of love from a man in your country…should I accept the offer, I will bring all my shorts, mini skirts, jeans, t-shirts, plunging necklines and will walk in the streets of Indian….and OMG….what’s gonna happen to me.

    Actually, I admire you….Tanmay are one courageous Indian woman…who has the guts to write about these things in the net, so others will know what it’s like wearing clothes in your country….more power to you….GENB

    • Hi,
      This post is a generalisation of men that is done by a young college boy in the throes of anger & disgust after reading up on a news.
      I can personally vouch for Indian men. Specially those of current generation.
      There are good and bad people everywhere.
      Women wear short clothes here as well depending on the circle they hang out in. If you worry about your clothes, kindly have a heart to heart discussion with your man before taking any further step.
      Reading online and making a decision is never a wise idea.
      I hope you make the right choice. God bless!

  23. Puja says:

    Your article is written extremely unprofessional and biased. Your article title “Why are Indian Men disgusting?” itself makes you look bad. Before getting into the discussion of the many issues that Indian women are facing. Let’s talk about how to write a proper article. Do you have a father? An uncle? A Brother? A male cousin? and Indian male friend? I am pretty sure you do. Are all of them rapists?????? You need to seriously stop being so ignorant and take some cross-culture and English courses and learn about how to write an unbiased article without shaming the whole entire race. You could have titled this article “Why are Rapists in Countries like India disgusting?” and Jesus Christ, your first sentence in this article proves how ignorant you are.

    -“The male-chauvinist pigs, that Indian men are, time and again prove that they are an embarrassment to the human race.”

    Are you serious?…..THAT INDIAN MEN ARE????? What do you mean by that. Do you know how every single Indian man is? What he did? What his personality is? If you do, then you must be Jehovah. Great and successful leaders, activists, and politicians like Malcolm X, MLK Jr, Abraham Lincoln targeted the issue (Racism, discrimination, slavery, and most importantly, the crimes committed by criminals mainly of the superior race) THEY NEVER ATTACKED THE WHOLE DAMN RACE IN A DESPICABLE WAY! Which your article expresses.

    “They pick their nose in public, they eat disgusting things like gutkha, tobacco and pan and paint any and every area with it and they urinate just about anywhere. They are untidy and filthy.”

    What do you mean THEY??? You could say “Such specific people” instead of “they.” And India’s obviously going to have a bathroom problem. Do you think it’s a rich country or something??? Once again, go to school. You are clearly and blatantly ignorant and just sound like a racist.

    You didn’t have to include all these stupid unnecessary little things like sanitary and toileting issues in your article if you wanted to elaborate only upon the issue of rape. Your personal guesses are very inaccurate as well.

    “And so I say all Indian men are rapists, with, of course, a few honourable exceptions. But are they really honourable.”

    HAHAHA….Another ignorant statement. Show this article to all your male family members and friends please. You and your organization need to really learn how to protest properly. You’re just worsening the situation and the “small percentage of really good Indian guys” that you refer to such as myself are only going to overlook such articles. I am a feminist and positive activist toward crimes against humanity and such, and what’s funny is that pretty much everything that I have written in my comment is about you learning how to write, learn, be nonjudgmental and not ignorant!! Even decent Indian men wouldn’t listen to you after feeling ashamed for no reason and doing absolutely nothing wrong after reading your article.

    • Puja says:

      And stop lying that this article was written by someone else when it clearly shows that it was “Posted: July 17, 2012 by sakshikumarindi” under the title and again shows “Guest Post by Tanmay Mehta”

      Stop playing innocent when you are the true writer of this article and even if you (Indian woman) DIDN’T write it, then WHY ARE YOU OPERATING IT AND MAKING IT ACTIVE AND LIVE FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE?

      • If you’re in doubt about me (Sakshi) personally writing this post, kindly look into all the posts that I have created including those starting with ‘guest post by..’

      • Puja says:

        Why would you even approve of this article or blog in the first place if you have control over it??? You’re obviously a part of the corruption and deception.

      • Because it is someone’s views that they wanted to share with people. As you have a right to criticise, the writer has a right to express his views, however good or bad.

      • Puja says:

        After reading your comments on other people’s posts including mine, you really seem to fall more toward a racist and sexist of your own race. You favor the ignorant views and comments and fail to provide and spread knowledge that leans toward reform and a positive change (it’s funny how you and your organization is doing the opposite lolll) maybe because you guys lack knowledge and a lot of it. One day you’ll have a son and I hope he comes across this post and organization that his mom once supported! I have a bachelor’s, master’s and pursuing a PhD and I know I am not ignorant. YOU ARE. Go to school, learn how to be a better activist, learn how to control and approve of such articles. You don’t have to delete people’s comments on the bottom, but with disgusting articles you can because they are what catches the attention of people. Look it how Yahoo News does it. They don’t just allow an author to publicly post disgusting articles although they allow people to openly and freely comment about the article. This is common sense.

      • You have a problem? Stop reading. 🙂

      • Puja says:



        BYE 🙂

      • Spoken like a true PhD holder. 🙂

  24. Sid says:

    what a messed up article… 20215 women are molested, 15459 women are raped and 12514 women are sexually harassed….these statistics are bad, i agree….but the total comes down to around 50,000 cases, if we assume, there are four men for each case (probably less because the offenders are apparently not convicted), it comes down to around 0.04% of the indian male population(500,000,000 men, rough estimate)….somehow the author thought that these 0.04% represent all Indian men and the 99.96% are the exceptions

  25. Lostallhopeforsociety says:

    Women truly disgust me. Demanding prices of sh1t to say the least. Hypocrites demanding more rights and using seduction to control the idiots of society. This entire post is very narrow minded. You don’t know “most indian men.” All you know is the pricks who likely treated you like crap and what you see on TV. Maybe a chat with a friend or two. You DO NOT know most men. And if you believe you do, may god help you. You disgut me. There are men like this everywhere yet you’ve actually isolated it to a single race? Disgusting.

  26. PS says:

    I have a lot to say here…but I don’t have the time. I need to get to sleep and get to work. I am an American woman born to Indian parents. I have so much to say but I am tired, physically. And tired from these waves of rage and disgust. Google “Indian men are.” See the adjectives that pop up. Handsome might be one of them, but take a look at the rest. The misogynistic mindset of India explains so much of my upbringing., even though my parents are highly educated and fairly progressive. I seriously feel that if I see an Indian man in the next
    24 hours, no matter who he is, I will punch him in the face. So disgusted by the rape culture everywhere, but India’s infected pretty darn badly. But there are a few decent Indian men out there. I’d like to think my brother’s one of them, but he was born in the States. This probably comes across as “ooh, my western-ness makes me superior,” but truthfully I don’t care. I’m no idiot; I know what I’ve seen, heard, studied and experienced. There’s a reason I converted to Christianity. There’s a reason I moved far away from my family. I’m
    rightfully ashamed to “belong” in any way to the Indian culture. I do, however, enjoy our reputation for being good at math. Not true in my case, but still nice that people assume I’m smart based on my skin color.

    • LostAllHopeForSociety says:

      Gosh, someone woke up with a bloody tampon this morning huh? I wish I was the next Indian guy you saw. A random woman punches me in the face and I’d be sure to leave her crawling home. Jeez women like you are the reason I find the rest so repulsive..yet I partake I’m the game. There are so many ignorant people in this world who believe anything and everything they see over the media. Sadly your genes will not survive another thousand years. You’ll be phased out and the human race will problem at a time, starting with miserable people like you. Cheers!

      • Sanjana says:

        See -this is clearly what the author means when they talk about how disgusting Indian men are. You cannot just let people know your opinion . you insist on being crude ! your violent nature is also apparent by the ‘crawling home’ comment. You’re just looking for excuses to justify your chauvinism.

      • says:

        Stupid Sanjana, he said “If someone punches me in the face first” then he will and I’m 100% sure he was being sarcastic and would leave a woman “crawling” You people are F**** dumb and inorant….Read and comprehend English you morons!!! This article is a piece a of shit! I mean it’s like saying African Americans or black people are the N-word. You don’t just judge or stereotype a whole race/gender/species over an incident/incidents or other people’s unethical behavior!! Go back to school!!!!

  27. Mike says:

    I have to agree that not only are Indian men Disgusting but about 90% of the males worldwide are. Almost all of the worlds problems are caused by males.

    Although I am a male, I think it would be good for all males to realize women and not us males are by far the superior gender. There is so much evidence that we males are the weaker sex and are actually inferior to most women. The sooner males realize that the better off we all will be. We will treat women much better and it would be better for males to step aside and let women assume full and total control of all aspects of society. The women will do a far better job then we males have done.

    As for rape, the death penalty would stop it only if applied right. The rapist should be hung in public by his testicles and his penis cut off to allow the male to bleed to death. To put it bluntly, it is the male’s prick that got him in trouble so if he mistreats women, cut the pricks dick off but after his nuts are crushed. Along with teaching every male women are superior, every girl should be taught how to use a male’s balls to her advantage. A good swift kick will bring most males to their knees.

    • Wow says:

      You sound like a rather obese woman that gets no D who feels the need to impose the role of a male over an anonymous web profile. Please enlighten me on your unethical
      “so much evidence that we males are the weaker sex” theory you’ve stated. Either that or you’re a guy who’s been a virgin all his life and feels acting siding against his own gender will bring him closer to gratification in the act of sex…in which case I’d suggest buying a cheap 5 dollar prostitute whom matches your personality, you miserable lonely pig.

  28. jai says:

    men rule. we are the architects of this civilization. women were incubators, are incubators and would be redundant in the future thanks to the artificial incubator that is currently being researched. men have all the right to be proud of their achievement. women come and go they are not worth investing ones time or money in. Its better to hire or rent a pussy rather than own one. Trust me there is not much of a difference when you compare the two besides with the figures for rapes that are mentioned by 2016 almost all the women will have experienced it and that will not be any fresh pussy all used ones so forget owning a pussy hire one. concentrate on making money. forget family responsibility think about your self, men time to think out of the box and start becoming selfish. you have been exploited by women and the state for centuries. first as fodder for the industries and wars and then cash cow by making you pay in the form of taxes. I day never protect a women, never care for a women, stop being chivalrous, take care of fellow men ignore the bitches. Form a brotherhood. Join the MRA. go and listen to barbarossa or the girl writes what in youtube. enjpy life forger about women. besides sex there is nothing interesting in a women, they are slaves to their hormones. Men rule

  29. Indian Man says:

    Fact of the matter is, Many haters in this blog are actually Western Web trolls pretending to be Indian… like that person “Carmen” with her Racist/disgusting post about Indian men. If u move around different web blogs you will see these so called Western Intel ‘web warriors’ are all in up to create Gender War in different countries to break down its core family values and be more like their F_kd up divorced Feminist society what is now in the verge of a break down. This is part of ‘Agenda 21’ by United Nation. Yea, Google it!

    All these Smear Campaign and Conspiracy are actually very much back handed by Western Funded NGOs so they can carry on their particular Agenda. Watch some videos about Tavistock Institute. Western backed Think Tanks and Policy Makers are all up against Psycological PsyOP Warfare against minority nations (esp. Gender War) since they are such huge in numbers and a threat to them.

    Also pushing their “Western Standard” of White Trash beauty is also Big on their agenda… as it makes them feel ‘superior’. That’s why u see all the Western companies like Ponds, Nivea, Olay, Fair N Lovely all of a sudden all up on selling their bleaching cream on Indian tv commercials… something that was never there just a few years ago.

    They would send their white trash prostitutes to dance on Indian music videos… these are all funded by the same hands Western Think tanks in order to create division and to create submissive white worshiping “Intellectual” Arse lickers like Tanmay Mehta, so that Indians feel inferior and always be a submissive arse licker to the Western society!

    Read and Undrerstand my Blog before commenting!
    Modern day Gandhi would’ve say the same thing.

    • Wow says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better bro. Something about those comments felt odd. I’m looking into it right now and everything you say seems to check out. This whole thread made me lose respect for women for a good while but it’s women who are at’s the fat pigs getting paid to post this kind of crap who should be hung. Thank you for your post it actually brought some sort of civil hope for society back into my eyes.

  30. Indian Man says:

    And Do Let my post appear and reply/comment if U have the courage to do so by not being a sexist coward bigot.

  31. Thenewfighter says:

    nothing but another racist hate-post against Indian men. Left-overs from colonialism.

  32. Thenewfighter says:


  33. Alain Leveque says:

    Indian women love black guyz.

  34. Nivedita says:

    The responses to the article clearly show that Indians are close minded and do not accept the true facts about the country. Unless they are raped or one of their family members go through the turmoil they would never understand or respect any woman who is expressing her views… Maybe this is the reason why our country is stuck with this kind of a mentality towards women… And the writer is trying to explain that even eve-teasing should be considered as a serious crime just like rape is..Kudos to you Tanmay or whoever wrote this article…

  35. Aman says:

    I sadly have to agree with almost every point, except one: “All Indian men are rapists”. No. That is not true. Even if it’s 99.99%, it doesn’t constitute, “all”. You know, I’ve personally tracked down cheap men on Facebook, i.e the one who make cheap comments and post desperate replies to women ( those are potential rapists) and I’ve reported them. Thankfully, FB banned almost all of them. And yes, I’ve stood up for my female friends when they were eve-teased. It’s good to see that finally, women are standing up for themselves. It’s very appreciable. You know, majority of rapists make us minority of Indian men look bad. Take a real life example: I went to the States, and I was in a gym. What a typical Indian would do was stare at women. Me, knowing how disrespectful it was and how uncomfortable the opposite sex would feel, didn’t stare. To be honest, I trained my mind in such a way that I wouldn’t stare at women. And, then later, one of my Caucasian friend introduced me to his female friend, another Caucasian. And, she was looking at me like I committed a crime. She literally asked me, “You wouldn’t rape me, would you?”. I was horrified at this statement and thought to myself that, that’s how worse the situation in our country is. And you know what a true feminist is? The one who believes, women=men. Not women>men. Just saying.
    Good article btw.

  36. w00t says:

    There are 614,397,079 females in India out of which 15459 is raped every year, it is high but not as high as some other modernized and struggling nations.

    How do you expect people to put themselves together when they are deprived and marginalized? Since we are changing to a new mode of life so we must all stop blaming and start helping each others. lets make sure the living is affordable to all people from every walk of life so that they can build a fulfilling family life at the earliest.

    i feel the opinion of the author is based on some male superiority complex. The author thinks men are better than women and women cannot take care of themselves therefore men have to control himself and let women live: this is sick! and the real example for being a MCP!

    • Sanjana says:

      For your information , the largest number of rapes happen in the upper class suburbs , not the slums . As such, you can plainly see that it is not the ‘deprived’ and ‘marginalized’ who commit such acts. I doubt even those who are deprived as you say , will achieve some sort of satiety through rape.
      You think men shouldn’t/don’t need to control themselves?in that case? Alright then! Let all women take care of themselves . Let all men do the same as well. In fact, why do we even need police? Let’s all revery back to barbarians and attack each other at the slightest provocation. It’s not wrong! in Fact, its ‘Respectful’ since it implies that you think the other person can handle them self.
      I’d just like to say whether the women can defend themselves or not is a different matter altogether. Even if they’re fairly strong, that doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you like .

  37. Anita says:

    I would just like to input my 2 cents here. I am a 17 year old indian girl brought up in the United States. Both of my grandfathers are the type of men that you describe, but my dad is a little less. Yes, he does try to control my mom way too much and he can be very inappropriate. But I would like to make it known that not all indian men are like this. I am Muslim, my dad is Muslim, and my mom is Hindu. I have seen both sides of the equations and I can say that both are equally guilty, but Muslim men get blamed for it less. I think that Indian men are what you say they are. However, I will just like to say one thing: out of every 100000 Indian men. That are what you described, there is 1 that is probably the most amazing guy in the world. A rule of thumb with indian me. Is that the ones that are god are REALLY GOOD. This is coming from an indian girl. For example, did you know that the actor Ruslaan Mumtaz (Indian) threatened his director that he will leave the movie if the director did not start treating the actress in appropriately?

  38. pringles :D says:

    I know that many men in india are perverted, but there a couple of em that are not too. You can’t give a bad name too all indian men by calling them perverts :(.

  39. Ur dumb says:

    So all indian men are rapists in your messed up head. Hoestly get a life and stop hating

  40. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you. I am a white man who spent 5 years living in India, and while there are some nice indian men, most are disgusting, obnoxious, low class scum that should all be exterminated. They are the scum of the human race. Indian men are subhumans.

  41. NotASEXIST says:


    Gender has nothing to do with the type of person you are.. and if you think otherwise you are a sexist.

    In India Both Women&men are equally responsible for the misogynistic culture

  42. V.Miroshnik says:

    There should be laws that poor people who cannot afford to stay in hotels or rented places must not be allowed to come to any big cities. These people create problem like rape and spitting.

  43. John Johnson says:

    I thought this rant was a joke when I stumbled upon it. You clearly know nothing about men.

  44. French2020 says:

    Indian men are disgusting simply because India is disgusting. And not just Indian men but Indian women are also mostly disgusting – if the indian male is what you describe in your article then the Indian female is also no less…women in India think too much of themselves and the minute they are in power to twist others around – they do it gladly. Indian women also lie and deceive everyone else a lot, in fact all of indian society if full of hypocrisy, lies, dishonesty and greed. But one has to sit back and think why all this is happening in India…why are people getting so bad….why are they losing their values….why are indian men so filthy and why are indian women so arrogant, insecure and deceitful and rather greedy….its no secret that most indian women will marry the richest man who can provide them all the security they need. Lets start with the men in India….they all live in dysfunctional families with parents who hate each other and fight a lot and these men grow up watching all that…plus the lack of personal space and freedom as well as sexual freedom is deeply suppressed in India. In western and even most asian societies…sex as teenagers is not a taboo…its part of normal adolescence …growing up…parents encourage dating…schools encourage dating…but in India its all hush hush…society looks down upon sexual expression and freedom…and it gets worse when everyone lives in cramped spaces along with extended families with absolutely no freedom to do anything. Life is far too controlled in Indian society and it is unhealthy to grow up or live in such a way at all…indians are not free even now…they may have freedom from the british but indian society is intrusive and socially binding …it prevents indians from growing fully and enjoying the fruits of normal life without having to do everything secretly. All this secrecy indians grow up with makes them the most dishonest people too…i really believe that a vast majority of indians are compulsive liars. Indian women are similarly frustrated due to so much parental control and society always throwing stones at them for doing anything…they grow up fearing men but the same time desperately wanting men too. India is a mess..people are intrusive… multiple lives…lying to everyone and to themselves…..if all this wont make them fake miserable and disgusting people then what else would? Indian cultural values are a mess…total mess..even in arabic cultures sexual expression is encouraged at certain levels…they wear a burka but are not leading such multiple lives as indians do. No foreigner likes to lives in india…even malaysians hate it..clean up the country first and people will also clean up then….clean the system in india and men wont be so filthy anymore…and they certainly wont be sexually frustrated if they were leading normal sex lives like the rest of the world does.

    • raamanshree1 says:

      Your comments make eminent sense. Most western based feminist groups will routinely condemn India men, thereby negating our individuality and treating us as if we belonged to a uniform, blanket group possessing the exact same attributes as each other. What they conveniently overlook is the fact that Indian women often treat one another with great brutality. Most unwanted infant daughters are smothered by their own mothers who then brag about these murders with barely concealed pride. Humanity and compassion are qualities rarely found among Indian women.

  45. Samar says:

    “Phallocratic mindset” is not particular to India. Maybe it tends to reveal itself more drastically in counties where sunlight is stronger, considering that it affects the libido though the optic nerves (that explains why most animals chose spring as their moment to procreate). I’m a man whose 75% of friends are from the opposite gender. I’m so addicted to feminine environment that I used to joke about it, saying that if I was a woman, I would be gay. I was told that my sexual behavior was more of the Venus kind than the Mars. I must admit that I was very chocked when I watched several documentaries about women condition in India, pakistan and Nepal, being victims of sexual violence and extreme male chauvinism. However throwing hate to “Gentskind” will certainly not raise the love potential of “Ladieskind”. With their sex outward men can’t help showing off and hunting around, while having it inward. women get wise and mature earlier as they sustain the power of giving birth.

  46. raamanshree1 says:

    Indian women in India are simply vile. Most of them are extremely rude and aggressive. If you’re an Indian man who is polite and courteous , expect them to treat you in a bullying, pushy manner. Add the fact that your average Indian woman looks like a rhino and it’s little surprise that Indian women living overseas find it a terrible struggle to secure a suitable partner.

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