Poem written by 16 year old Yamini Ghai:

How can I hide all of the pain I feel inside?

How do I regain my self-respect – my pride?

Who can I trust when I’m reaching out for help?

When it’s time to point the finger, I blame myself.

His behavior was an unjustifiable excuse!

There was no reason for his sick tormented abuse!

You raped my mind and body and put me to shame,

You took away the life I had inside.

You had NO RIGHT to burden me with your game,

And you’ll never have the right to steal my pride.

“FORGIVE BUT DON’T FORGET” is what they say,

Is only part of what makes me the woman I am today.

Are you proud of what you’ve done?

Do you feel that you have won?

Are you haunted by the unknown?

Have any doubts or fears of your own?

Confined to much invaded space?

Searching this world for some escape?



You say you’ll never feel guilt and that you’ll never get caught in your chase,

But somehow you didn’t win this one, somehow you lost the race,

And the guilt you claim to never feel hits you everyday in the face.

I cried a silent tear every night;

I didn’t have the strength to put up a good fight,

It hurt to think that I had been betrayed;

By a heartless flesh a loving soul once made.

But the anger and frustration I felt before,

Is now released so that you can’t hurt me no more,

It’s a pity that you continued to try, but I refused to die, so instead of asking why,

I prayed for you and demanded back my life!

So tell me ~ WHO’s THE REAL VICTIM??????


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