Posted: August 13, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Uncategorized

Short post on Incest in India.


“I love my papa…but he loves to hurt me” were the words uttered by a 4-year old girl when she was worked over by policemen in Bangalore. She didn’t even know what her father had done to her and why, her own protector had become a predator. But the blatant red bruises on her thighs and chest said it all. A 7-year old girl was killed by her mother because her biological father had raped her. Pinki, her mother couldn’t handle the interrogation by a bunch of insensitive cops, so, she choked her to death. A mother killed her own daughter. For 17-year old Sapna, her most peaceful night came only after her father, who raped her for 2 dreadful years, got arrested.

I’m talking about India’s beastly secret, INCEST. This word has been derived from the Latin word ‘Incestus’ which means impure. Incest means having sexual relationship in blood relations. It has always been active…

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