Mother and daughter stripped and tortured by own brothers

Posted: August 27, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in News & Issues

M.A.S.E.S -- Movement Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexism

I got to know about this brutal act via an Email.

M. Kaliammaal from Thoothukudi demands CBI probe.

Marrying Maternal Uncle is a part of Indian Custom.  Accordingly Kaliammal had married her daughter Guru Eswari to her own brother Murugan (the maternal uncle). The couple have 2 children.  Murugan works in Military as “lans nayak”.  Her daughter Guru Eswari is an extremely pretty looking girl and that has caused her enough trouble. Murugan was always suspicious, so he was not comfortable leaving her alone during his out station travel. Whenever he comes to his house for holiday he would shave Eswari’s head completely and ensure that she does not look pretty. Eswari did not share this with Kaliammal, instead she managed to say that its offering to GOD for the well being of her ‘Maama’ (Husband). Later the news had leaked out, Eswari got separated and lived sepeartely for some time.

Again she united with…

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