How to deal with serious stalkers?

Posted: September 20, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Uncategorized
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Guest post by Ankita Garg:

I just started stalking that crush of mine on the internet.

After few days, I move on to other people & with my life. This is casual stalking, which we all do at some point of time in our life. It can be for fun, for getting information or any such reason. But what about serious stalkers? People who would stalk you to the extent of knowing your home address, office address, all contact numbers & all your personal details.

Few people would try to contact the person they are stalking & if they don’t get a response; leave it at that. But what about stalkers who continue with their pestering calls or messages and would not even hesitate to show up at your house or office? This is something serious we all need to take precautions & actions about.


Precautions you should take if you’re active on the internet :

1)   Don’t leave your personal information open for public.

2)   Don’t share your personal details easily, without knowing the person a little/more.

3)   This one is for girls; please don’t keep your Facebook albums open, which have your personal photographs. Also, avoid posting too many photographs that might attract weird people or stalkers.

4)   Use your common sense & keep away from people who give a sense of stalker capabilities. Be alert.


Once you know somebody is stalking you, try blocking them from social networks & phone. If they still continue, try talking to them once or twice telling them you are not interested or threatening them to report to police. If the stalking still continues (for over 8-10 months), kindly take this issue seriously.


Precautions to take after you know about the serious stalker:

1)   Keep your parents/ elder siblings or some male friends informed about the whole series of events. Also make sure you inform them about all places you are going.

2)   Keep a pocket knife or Pepper spray with you. Such things can come handy if the stalker is some psycho.

3)   Report it to the police & let them handle the matter.

4)   Even after the stalker has stopped with his nuisance, be alert & try going out in groups.


Everyone, stalkers can be psychologically disturbed people too. So always try to stay alert while you’re on the internet. And never let such events affect you too much to disturb your personal life.

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  4. Subtraction says:

    I has this cyber stalker, who B cyber stalking me, for lots of years now, and just won’t leave me the hell alone! I has asked this cyber stalker, to please B leaving me alone, for like, forever, now, and they just won’t ever B leaving me no alone, on nothing, because I think they B some wacko kind of crap cyber stalker, or something! damn! this nut ball cyber stalker, B costing my parents, who B paying for my internet connection, some kind of serious ass money, to keep on trying to B keeping them, out of my life, or something! U B costing my parents, some serious money, U wacko nut cyber stalker, who just cannot let me B! U is some crazy kind of a cyber stalker, or something! my parents, cannot B keeping on, doing no more of this crap, you wacko nut, cyber stalker, because U B costing my parents, their good paychecks, that B keeping the food, on their table! don’t U even care, about what my parents, have to B going through, financially, just because, U cannot stop with all of your damn crazy ball cyber bulling, U wacko nut, cyber bully? curses to U, wacko nut cyber bully! U B some kind of a real wacko nut, or something! my parents, B needing their good paychecks, to B eating with, not trying to always B trying to spend yet more of their hard earned money, on trying to B getting rid of your sorry wasted ass, always!

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