Thank you mommy

Posted: September 21, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Poems

A poem on foeticide. Please read and share.

musings of gypsy




Note: Some of you might find this disturbing/depressing. But I had this poem in my mind since a long time. This issue has always been close to my heart. I had a tough time writing it, as this wasn’t an easy issue to deal with. Hope all of you feel as strongly about this issue as I do, and join hands to do something to change it.

This is the voice of all those girls who didn’t get a chance to speak. This is for all those little girls.


I can hear you mommy

You sound excited, you are giggling

Can’t hear you clearly, but I know

That you are talking to me

Daddy comes too and you tell him something

He also talks to me

I, somehow, hear him more clearly

He says something about him waiting for me

You both look and sound really…

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