It’s Her Right

Posted: October 15, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Poems
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Guest post by Sanyam Mahajan:

Its her right to live
Its her right to chose
When she is infant u care for her
When she is adolescent you protect her
When she is teenage you guide her

Till day 1 she needs your warmth
Till 3 she needs your finger
Till 8 she needs your lap
Till 12 she needs ur experience
Till 18 she needs your support

————— • ————– • ————-

When she is 23 you force her
When she is 24 you scare her
When she is 25 you beat her

You can’t imbibe experience, it comes with time.

You have to let her learn it.
Let her decide don’t overthrow.

Let her live don’t force her.

Don’t let her cry, make her realize she is a gift, not a burden.

You fight with your dad and got annoyed when your mother was scolded. Remember this always.

Respect, love, care, protect, help her…

Do Love her…

  1. #Excellent and beautifully written. Deserving too.

  2. himanshi says:

    wow! wht a beautiful poem 🙂

  3. Aalisha says:


  4. sudha ojha says:

    we girls are not demand for the protection but protection is our right .we will fought against whole society even whole world for our right.

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