Posted: November 2, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Uncategorized

Blogpost by domestic violence victim. Do have a read.

Look At This Tangle Of Thorns

I sit in the same room.

I look around and I see the images in my head.

Actually, I don’t.

I don’t see images. I recognize the blows.

I see the mirror across the room, and how he pinned me against the wall next to it, and how I hit him with a baby powder bottle, because that was all that was close.

I sit on the bed and I remember the kicks to my belly and my back. The ones that left livid red marks, which have just started fading away. I remember him watching me curl up and cry because his shoes has hit a rib, and I could not get up.

I remember him on top on me, choking me, and me ripping off his shirt, his chain, anything, just to breathe again.

How did it start?

Because I refused to leave the room. I refused to…

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