We’re looking for Volunteers!

Posted: December 4, 2012 by Ankita in Announcements
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Hey everyone,

Justice for women is an initiative to bring about awareness about various issues and take action, and not just stop at the talking. We’ve organized free Self-defense workshops in Chennai, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Bangalore and plan to organize them across all cities of the country.

A lot of people have been helping us with small tasks such as being our Local hosts, Guest Bloggers or helping with Marketing. With more work and more goals, we thought this is the best time to let people formally join us as Volunteers.

This is your chance to contribute your bit towards the society, towards a social cause. If you’ve any questions regarding this, please email us at mail [at] justiceforwomen [dot] org. After that, if you think you’re passionate enough to give your time for the cause, please do join us. To join, please fill the following form (We’ve limited places only) :-

If you’re facing problems filling the form here, please follow this link : FORM

Hope to see a lot of support from you guys!



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