Female Foeticide

Posted: December 20, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Opinions
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 Ashwin DodaniGuest post by Ashwin Dodani,
“What is my fault, but?” the girl asked.
“You are a girl.” someone replied, in a shivering manner though.
Starting with such a question, I thought of writing on this topic because this is something talked about a lot and we are getting to nowhere even after just discussing about it. Here I just want to put my point of view on the topic and possibly this reading could save even one girl there out in the world making this worth. The question is asked by that female foetus who has not even yet came in this world and is brutally killed when was just about to come in to this beautiful world. Her mouth was shut by the answer which simply said that you are a girl. Is really being a girl enough to be killed? Is a girl that load to us which we can’t bear? Is a girl not deserving to come to this world and see the enormous beauty which God has created for everyone to relish equally? and there are innumerable questions which we can ask when it comes to talk about this topic.
The thought of writing on this topic came yesterday when I was watching an episode of “Crime Patrol” which had the same theme and the way it was depicted was so cruel that it made me teary for a while. Still that one episode was just a glance of what is going in this world when it comes to female child and though knowing that its wrong to kill a girl child, we are doing it. This fact that we are doing it wrong is depicted in the answer when its said, replied in a shivering manner, because everyone knows that killing a life is nowhere a good deed and we are no one to decide that who will come in this world and who will not. Its solely the decision of God to gift you a child and when you receive it you should respect it because there are infinite parents there grieving for a child but they cannot have their own. The fact, the bliss, the feeling of having your own child cannot be expressed in to words, though I haven’t been a parent yet I can say so because I have seen my cousin sisters when they had their own child, my own sister, how and what she feels about my nephew is enormous. The reason being behind this act is what I feel I am describing below:
“First of all in the name of girl, the first thought which comes to a parents’s mind is that we have to bear the cost of her marriage. Secondly how much we are going to spend on her development, her studies and making her a good human, at the end she is going to leave our home and go to someone else’s. Thirdly n number of insecurities they will have to face in her youth because wherever we see, may it be any city there are cases of rape, eve teasing and many more things which even girls don’t share with anyone because they just don’t want to feel worse about it. Fourthly now a days people have an image that if its a girl what more she can do than just making food, stitching, doing a basic job and raise her child.”
This is the basic mentality I am talking about. Yes, I know many things have changed in today’s world but then there are I can say 50% of the people who still have these in their mind however modern they have become and no matter any number of changes they have accepted. There is no doubt that parents are very insecure about their children and this when comes to a boy or a girl remains same but the intensity when it comes to a girl child becomes more because they feel that they are the one who take their parents’s image in to the society and anything bad in regards to them will put their family to shame. But when the same things are done by their boys the society doesn’t raise a finger, why? Is that the boys are allowed to do so or there is an impression that boys are meant to do so, they already are such since they are born. If we see this scenario in the latter part boys become the worst reason to be a part of their family and they are automatically putting their families to shame where girls not doing anything just born in their family make them so insecure and protective. Isn’t this the biggest question to ourselves?
If we see with a broader perspective we can adore and respect the girl child with the same dignity and even make the most out of them making you feel proud and lift your collar. If you feel that you raise your girl child with the same dedication, you allow her to go work in a good company and you do her marriage in a good house where the same mentality exists, don’t you think they will make you proud? If she performs well in an organization, if they perform in their Life, won’t you feel the same Respect that your child did that? When you made her learn to be strong, when you taught her that Life is a constant battle and she faces her problems on her own, cries alone but still be there for you when you need, won’t you cry out a bucket? Its all about having a broader perception and not always getting affected by the surroundings and what people might think. You conceive a child not thinking that it would be a girl/boy but someone who will bring happiness to your family, a pride in your heart and that constant smile on your face which makes even your death peaceful. Checking the sex of the child developing in your foetus should make you feel guilty that are you giving birth to someone who will just take care of you and provide you a financial support or someone whom you would be proud of to have as your own blood.
Not that every guy is going to feed you Respect and love and not every girl is going to ruin your image, family and existence. It all comes in the way you raise them. If you count your blessing to be blessed with a child and accept whomever he/she is, trust me you will never be short of happiness because your intentions were true, your faith in that child is pure and the way you have raised the child will fill the child with all of you in them. This will carry forward and make them believe the same and this can change the scenario of the world in the coming generations. Start taking responsibility for the capability you are given, for the love you make and for the abundant sanctity you can experience if you move on from the same old beliefs.
I hope this article makes you believe that may it be a girl or a boy when it comes to Respect even hermaphrodite gets more than both of them.
Thank you for Reading..
  1. Heather Shaw says:

    That picture is hard to take in, but so it should be. This is a great article showing that women deserve equal rights even before birth.

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