Why am I ashamed? – A Delhi Guy’s Sentiments

Posted: December 20, 2012 by Ankita in Opinions
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Guest post by @pentropy who is disturbed and ashamed by the recent Delhi rape incident. Read on to know how it’s not about the gender, it’s about the values.

When India won the world cup last year, there were tears in our eyes. We are a nation fond of our nationalism. Prima facie, we are known to love our country. We are all aware of a lot of things that needs correction, however, we still continue to take pride in most of the soft aspects like culture, heritage, unity in diversity etc and stay blindfolded of the hard facts. Fair enough! We want to believe that we are a ‘great’ country.

I personally want to be subtle about my sarcasm but I am not left with an option. The recent heinous gang rape of a girl in a Delhi bus by four men has shook me left, right and center. We are all aware about the intricate details of the crime committed and have shown our anger through the various channels, so I would skip them. But, more than anger, I am left with a feeling of vacuum and helplessness as an individual.

Being part of the ‘Shining India’ era of this country, I am a highly confident individual with great sense of belief in my abilities. I believe that I can do all that I want to and add my bit of positive push to the homo sapiens evolution process. I believe that during my lifetime, I will contribute to the world and to my nation and thus I will justify this great opportunity of being born a human. But alas, I am disappointed with myself!

This incident makes me shout for the criminals’ head, their castration, a quick punishment, a better law system etc. Fair enough, that’s what logically should happen. However, I am totally blank on the question – ‘But what should I do about it?’. Well, till yesterday, I felt like a change maker and felt like bringing a significant upward thrust to the world. Today, I feel absolutely spineless and realize that there isn’t anything I can do to control the imbibed negative energies in and around me. And I can’t deny their existence.  And I continue to stare in void – unaware and weak.

But that takes me to the greatness of our culture and heritage. It is saddening to see the hypocrite reality that we live in. Rape is an extreme case and thus calls for our sudden anger, but overall how sensitive we are to our surroundings define us. And I believe that we aren’t. The problem is that we live in the denial of being a nation that is individual driven and not society driven. Some European quoted that Indians focus of themselves much more than the country and its visible from the fact that they have their houses clean and roads dirty.

But in my heart I am ashamed. I am a male who has spent a large part in this part of country. I am one of them. Though I am totally helpless but I am sorry.

I don’t have the answers.

  1. puneet says:

    the problem is universal my dear friend..i cant agree more than what u have written..but if u luk n contemplate-rape n gangrape is in evry nook n corner of dis planet n is happening evrywhere-some less brutally some-more barbaric…i also try to delve hard dat what is wrong with us-is humanity die???how henious dey commit…dis crime..i think nature is responsible 4 all dis..if u ckosely observe-dis world is illusion…we humans r self centred greedy lustful n with various attributes dat r inherent by nature,,,but i think by right education..we try to control ourselves n our temptations..n those who r unable to control dere temptation did such offence-n indulge in barbaric act…bcoz dat s y prostitution still perisists…otherwise in ny society prostitution..corruption…n all d crimes stooped centuries before but dey r still exist since time immemorial n in dis world dere is no perfect country..all indulged in war..huge poverty..huge dog race-for survival..i think-life is really tough n d fault lies-with d nature…d creation of dis universe..some call them god..bcoz dere never be a ideal place or ideal society howsoever u or me try..bcoz dat is utopia..bcoz nature make ourselves like dis…kabhie hamari haiwaniyat bahar a jati hai kabhie insaniyat..har insaan me devta aur rakshas dono hote hain..kuch daba lete hain khtam kard dete hain..kuch trapped ho jate hain…aaj un rapists se puche jake-toh unhe bhi apne pe sharm aa rahi hogi-3 rapist keh rahe hain hang us..but uss madness me alcholol ke nashe me…harmonal inducemnt-ke karan woh apni haiwaniyat shayad samajh nahi paye..main gurantee ke sath keh sakta hun..woh sab marna chahte honge apne ko kosh rahe honge…ki hum kaise andhe darinde ho gaye..lust ke karan..kaise pshycopath ho gaye….ho sakta hai aapko yeh bura laggge bahut jyada bura lagge-par jara oschiye woh kyun pshychopath bane-kaise bane..kyun bane-kya unhe school me-sahi education mili-right moral education..kya unhe ghar me-right education mili…20 saal ki umra me jab hum graduation kar rahe the..hamare mummy papa hamara dekhbhaal karte hain…comfort dete hain..woh dhakka khate hain iss gandi duniya me woh dekhte hain-ki jindagi jeena kitna mushkil hai…bollywood unhe sex paros kar deta hai..electronic media-unhe ssex paros kar deta hai..delhi me har jagah prostitution hai…wpoh jiss kisi se milte honge-jyadatar ladki or sex-ki baten unke samne karte honge..unhe morality ethics ke bare me kuch pata nahi hoga..jinhe pata hota hai woh tak galti kar dete hain….m trying to be as objective as possible…i m not supporti ng them….infact i also want as henious punishment as u want…chahe hamari bhi humanity khatm ho jaye..unhe dardnak sajja dene me..kyunki yeh agar hamare kisi bhi famliy ke meber ke sath hua hota toh..but what i conclude is-this nature is responsible….hope d girl survives n live a very beautiful n meaningful life..with gud health..but negativity will remain n continue till infinity …n we cant chnage d status quo..it bloody nature s fault…

  2. Rashna says:

    Thank you … for your words & sentiments have done much to not tar ALL Indian men with the same brush. Thank you.

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