Posted: December 22, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Uncategorized

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Today I am hearing news of Rape in every city, every village of this country! Its not a Delhi issue! Its a NATIONAL ISSUE. Today we stand together to show the unity. We all are against the rape, we all are protesting against this, we want a law which can give justice to women, we want safety, we don’t want to live our life in a fear, we want capital punishment for the rapists in wake of the Delhi Gang Rape case, and overall WE WANT JUSTICE. We are protesting peacefully then why Police launched water canons, and why tear gas in the ground , why lathi charge on the protesters. Had we done some crime, had we destroyed some of the public  monument, had we destroyed public feature. NO we haven’t because we are the public, we are united and today we all are standing against this.

Some news…

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