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2012-12-22T140013Z_1_CDEE8BL12WH00_RTROPTP_2_INDIA-PROTESTS  December 22, 2012

On December 16, 2012  a 23-year old woman, in New Delhi, on her way home with her boyfriend after seeing a film,  was brutally gang-raped and beaten with an iron rod by 7 men on the bus they had boarded.   The boyfriend too had been beaten unconscious, and both were thrown out of the bus.  As she lay in the hospital, undergoing numerous surgeries, during which all her intestines had to be removed, the government of India had nothing to say! On Dec 29, after fighting for almost 2 weeks for her life, the young woman succumbed to her injuries.

This form of brutalization and systemic violence on girls and women has become a daily norm in India, which unaddressed and unchecked by the government and system of law and order has reached epidemic proportions.  See our log on news reports here.  Also see…

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