Posted: December 23, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Uncategorized

Officially Secret


There has been calls for death penalty for rapists in the Delhi gang rape case. There is also a demand for enforcing law and order, having more police men posted and so on. And it is a fact that no girl is safe walking on the streets of Delhi or surrounding areas.

But will additional cops on the streets alone help? It would certainly help to create a fear of crime. And since the offenders in this case are slum dwellers, it would enhance a feeling of suspicion of the poor, thus widening further the already wide gulf between the rich and poor.

Crime is not just a result of lack of policing but also the accumulated result of social and psychological causes that could have been prevented. The lack of respect for other persons, the victims in this case, could be the result of the offenders being deprived of…

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