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A list of useful reads this week.


(A short and selective list of compelling reading from around the web this week/ 6th January.)

Monsoon Bissell’s powerful piece in The Hindu, To the woman warrior I did not know.

Mitali Saran says we aren’t talking about sex, and explains why we really, really need to; Nirupama Sekhri on sex and consent–and the widespread lack of it for women–in Indian arranged marriages.

Amartya Sen on the protests: “But I would have been more delighted if it was recognised that Dalit women have been undergoing violence over a long time, with hardly any protest and any organisation behind them.”

Mihir Sharma on why rape is not a women’s issue and how men need to pick up the burden of change; Tabish Khair’s letter to young men.

Arpita Das on reclaiming her streets; from Blank Noise, a collection of #SafeCity pledges.

In Open magazine, Devika Bakshi offers

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