Women Safety app : Nirbhaya Review

Posted: April 10, 2013 by Ankita in Uncategorized

After the recent rape cases, a lot of women have started using their smartphones as a means of protection. A lot of applications float the Play Store/App store/Windows market which help with the safety of women.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Safety app “Nirbhaya“. The app is available for Android and Windows Store by the name Nirbhaya. It is also available on iOS by the name SOS- Be Fearless.

This app can be used in any type of emergency to protect women, children and your near and dear ones using a “Single” click Distress signal.


  • Sends an alert through SMS or phone call or Facebook Post with the  location to the configured group through GPS.
  • Can be used in case of attempted molestation, accident, family emergency or any other ‘customizable’ emergency alert called ‘Scream’ through pre-defined text messages.
  • The users of Nirbhaya are also required to submit personal details such as residential address, blood group and emergency contact numbers.
  • Users can configure their own list of contacts including police and other close relatives and friends.

My take :

  • The app is simple to use, thus even people with basic knowledge of apps will be able to use Nirbhaya app.
  • Shake2Alert is a brilliant feature, and will be helpful if the distressed has few seconds or is seriously injured.
  • The accuracy of location provided by Nirbhaya app is pretty accurate.
  • The user can store the number of police, hospitals and emergency numbers; which can inform these numbers quickly.
  • Overall, the app looks promising and should cater to all categories of people.

Screenshots :



I’d totally recommend this app.

Do try and let me know your reviews.



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