Do You Think Death Penalty Will Stop Rape?

Posted: May 7, 2013 by sakshikumarindia in Uncategorized


cD04Y2E4MGViOTRhYmZiM2I0YmY3Nzk0YjQzYTNhZWE2NCZnPTEyY2ZhMzZjNWVhMGViYzNmODNjZDkzM2FhNDQ4YzA3In the aftermath of the brutal rapes, there have been cries for a death penalty from political as well as civilian quarters. What is ironic is that this demand is being heard the most out of the political circles and its only aim is to deceive people. Do you really believe that rape is occurring because the law is not tough enough or the law is not acting as a deterrent?

If one scans through the data for the relationship between the rapist and the rape victim, the conclusion that comes out is a shocker. This could be her friend, her distant relative, her brother or in many cases even her father.

To give you some statistical evidence I refer to China. As is well known, the statistics that come out of China are subdued and altered for PR but nonetheless, have a look:

Relationship betwene victim and perpetrator 2

The “stranger” percentage stands out and…

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  1. Mike says:

    I think we only need to realize one thing, although I am a male, I think it would be good for all males to realize women and not us males are by far the superior gender. There is so much evidence that we males are the weaker sex and are actually inferior to most women. The sooner males realize that the better off we all will be. We will treat women much better and it would be better for males to step aside and let women assume full and total control of all aspects of society. The women will do a far better job then we males have done.

    As for rape, the death penalty would stop it only if applied right. The rapist should be hung in public by his testicles and his penis cut off to allow the male to bleed to death.

    Maybe after we have a few million dead males, it will be safe for all women and children and a few million dead males is a small price to pay for that.

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