Is Education Alone Enough for Women Empowerment?

Posted: June 3, 2013 by sakshikumarindia in Opinions
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Guest post by Pam Johnson, a lawyer who specializes in cases that deal with the unfair treatment of women. She obtained her degree from one of the Top Criminal Justice Degree Programs.

Women have made so many great advances in the past century or so, and they are continuing to find new ways to achieve a status in society equal to that of men. All across the country and the world, feminists are hoping to make a brighter future for women. The question then remains, “Is education alone enough for women empowerment?” Well, you really need a few other components to make it happen.

Understanding Female Empowerment
Part of the problem is thus: Some women believe that feminism is over, and they do not feel that women are denied basic rights anymore. Simply educating them might turn them more into their own opinions. Therefore, getting women to understand that these struggles are real is crucial. Yes, certainly education is a part of this battle, but it has to go to a deeper level.

Connections Between Women
Bringing women together is a major part of empowering them. Individuals who are interested in these types of rights need to make efforts to form and join groups. When women are able to share their struggles together, then greater understanding starts to happen. Of course, one person can certainly make a difference in the world, but the real power and force comes when a group of women are acting together for a major cause and hoping to pave a better way for others.

Platform for Empowerment
Even if the females in a particular community or group are well-versed in what needs to be done, it does not always mean that the rest of the area will support them. When females want to be empowered and to have their goals accomplished, they absolutely must have a platform for doing so. For example, a particular city might have a board composed entirely of women. At the most basic level, groups of women also need to realize that they must present their cases and plans just as anyone else does. Understanding on both sides really goes a long way here.

Acceptance from Outside
A community might allow a group to protest or to speak, but this does not mean that the community as a whole is accepting this group. Better efforts need to be made to inform individuals outside of the feminism realm as to what is really happening inside. Again, education does play a major role here. However, this type of education does not only have to come in the form of lectures and traditional classroom-like presentations. Instead, other people need to understand that the cause is real. They need to understand that while women have gained some rights and equality, they are still not considered to be equals by so many people out there in society.

As you can see, education does play a huge part in female empowerment, and without it, the feminism movement might cease to exist. Still though, education alone is not enough to solve a problem. People on all sides of the equation need to come together to realize a problem exists in the first place.

  1. Mike says:

    Mabye the best thing to do is not to educate women as to their worth but to educate males so they will understand that males are not the superior sex. In fact, this myth has been taught throughout history when in fact women have been, are and always will be far superior to her male counterpart.

    Although I am a male, I think it would be good for all males to realize women and not us males are by far the superior gender. There is so much evidence that we males are the weaker sex and are actually inferior to most women. The sooner males realize that the better off we all will be. We will treat women much better and it would be better for males to step aside and let women assume full and total control of all aspects of society. The women will do a far better job then we males have done.

    All thoughout nature, we see the focus is on the female so human males should learn that males are here to serve women even at the expense of males. It is comon sense that males are not nearly as essential as women. Several countries lost half of its male population in WW !1 and they did just fine without the males but if they lost that many women, the males would kill each other over the women who were left.

    One major report shows nations with a lot more males then women are not good places to live but when there are more women then males, they are good places. Instead of reducing the number of girls, would it not be better to reduce the number of MALES?

  2. Riya Dutt says:

    Sahara has started a mission for women entrepreneurship and empowerment named as Sahara Q Saathi any women can be a Saathi in that program and earn money. Merely having education only is not enough for women but she also needs independency and space for her own personal choices and wishes for that purpose women entrepreneurship and empowerment needs some boost. Todays women can reachat the height of Everest or can fly in the sky, but it is only possible when she will be given chance to do so.

  3. Sudipta says:

    Inspite of being highly educated and well placed in an organization, I still feel insecure, forget empowered. My job needs to be work more than 14 hours a day. Sometimes even on Saturdays (most of the time). However, my in- laws keep verbally abusing me saying that work is just an excuse to avoid household chores. No matter how late i come, it is expected that all Kitchen work is to be done by me, irrespective of my husband who has arrived home long time back. it is an unsaid duty to visit my inlaws every weekend. My parents have been categorically told how they have failed to brought me up for an ideal “bahu”. Because of this mistreatment, my parents never visit my marital home, as they don’t want to burden me further with verbal abuses of my inlaws and my husband. I have been married just for 6 months and am already considering divorce. However, a divorced might cause an embarassment to my parents and considering societal pressure I am unable to initiate for divorce. If this is a situation of an educated woman like me, i doubt any female is feeling empowered right now. I wish there were stronger laws in favour of women, so that husbands and inlaws would think twice before actually making the daughter in laws life a hell.

  4. ankita says:

    education not only enough for women empowerment.firstly in did patriachial society its important to change d mentality of people towards women ..

  5. Geeta Sharma says:

    I think Education is not enough we have to change the surrounding also..though we are working in big organizations or MNC ..we still feel insecure…due to behaviour of mens towards us.. So please think to change the mentality of people towards women..they should respect women..

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