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Let’s NOT Rest! Reach the Media

Posted: December 19, 2012 by Ankita in Helpful Links
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Guest Blog post by @probablytrippy. This piece of writing is originally posted here & has been taken after permission. It gives details of all PR/Media contacts on Social networking sites and how few mins of our efforts can bring about a change. 

Rape in india is systemic – it is not a one off case here and there but a systematic abuse of women which can not be tolerated by any citizen.

Our individual anger will not make the government shift. We must make our voices heard, as one huge group. ANd we need to make sure the people who hear it can actually impact the national conversation.

One of the most important people our voice can influence is “Media”. Continual media coverage of rape in the country and systemic and judicial failures in addresing it will amplify our outrage, maybe even get the government to listen.

We will achieve this by (You can read the letter here)

–  continuous and vociferous communication of our anger to media decision makers and reporters using all social media outlets available to us.

– The demand for a specific publicly posted WRITTEN confirmation by a media channel to its viewers that a specific number of minutes in the newscycle to the heinous crime of rape, and to highlight points of systemic and judicial failures.

– The demand for specific publicly posted WRITTEN confirmation by a media channel to its viewers that special care will be taken with headlines/bugs/graphics that portray “woman as victim” rather than “man as violent aggresor”

If we get a critical mass in this, and the channel does not respond, we go on to step 2, hit them where it hurts, target their advertisers. And then, friends, they will have to listen.

But to get to step 2, we must reach a critical mass. We need to FLOOD their Facebook, their twitter, their websites, every place, with a CONSISTENT message, over and over again. Every day. They need to get hundreds

Below are some draft templates for tweets/FB posts/Comments that you can use. you can obviously change the wordings but DO remember to link back to our list of demands – i have kept them reasonable, actionable, and measurable – please lets not argue about whether it is enough or not – its a start.

Here is a list of mediafolk on twitter, to get you started

Twitter option (enough space to address @ someone)

FB post option/Comment option

You could also choose to simply share this post on your fb or twitter. all it takes is one click – surely you can do that much?

Hi guys,

Technology is a boon or a bane it’s up to us how we use it. We can use it for our safety too. With more and more people using smartphones, it’s becoming easier to get close to technology on-the-go. In this blog post, I will guide you through some easy tips where your smart phone can save you from a tricky situation or how you can use Technology effectively :

1) Keeping Direct Dial (1 number) shortcut on your Home screen :


Direct dial in Widgets


Direct Dial on “Home Screen”

 Go to Widgets>> Add Direct Dial. Or Long press the Home Screen>> Add widget of direct dial. For example, at least have that 1 friend who can take you out of the tricky situation or who’ll be available to talk to you through it. Keeping the shortcut on-screen will help you to quickly dial the number instead of going to keypad and speed dialing.

2) Using “Google Latitude” effectively :


Google Latitude & Adding friends there

Google Latitude determines your actual position (only if your GPRS is ON) and lets you add your friends to the network. Make sure you’ve added few friends who are tech savvy and understand the usage of Google Latitude. If you’re venturing out on a slightly unsafe route (i/e if it’s important and unavoidable) or if you’re stepping out or going back home late night; make sure you ask them to keep a check on you through it.

3) Using Social networking websites wisely :

If you’re traveling alone or going back from your office, avoid posting your location on any of the social networking sites. You might not know who is stalking you because stalkers don’t come with a warning or a message.

Make sure you don’t have the “Location On” feature ticked on Twitter or Facebook. If you do have, switch it off right away.

If you’ve posted some Location enabled tweets in the past, please delete them by logging to Twitter for Web.

4) Using Foursquare wisely:

Foursquare is a location check-in website which most of those owning a smart phone use. One needs to be careful while accepting requests from unknown people there, and about connecting it with their social networking profiles.

Try not posting each Foursquare check-in to Facebook or Twitter. Stalkers just need a location to follow you.

5) Application for Android :


Application Widget for “Home Screen”

If you own an Android phone, download this application from Play Store – “Panic Button Widget”Download

This allows you to pre-feed one number. After you do that, place a widget on your home screen. If you sense danger, you can press this button which will send a text message to the number you have entered and with 2 taps, it will call that person.

There are many more applications which you can download and test, and use as per your convenience.

Technology can save your life! And it can put you in a problem if not used wisely. Hope you’ll enjoyed reading the tips.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding about any apps or the tech aspect, feel free to write to me at ankitagarg [at] justiceforwomen [dot] org or tweet me @bubbly_ank.

Recently I came across this case happening in one of my extended circles. A married woman in late 20s alleged that her husband of 10 years is gay and filed for divorce in the court. She claimed that both her daughters (aged 6-yrs and 2-yrs) are conceived off another man because her own husband was incapable of forming a sexual relationship with her due to his sexual orientation.
What I found appalling was that she left both her daughters with the husband’s family and took off to her mother’s. She has now joined a college and is portraying herself as a single girl in order to get married to this other man of resourceful means.

I don’t know how the court has reacted to her allegations specially since if the daughters are not natural-born to her husband, why should he be entitled to their custody? His case is evidently stronger than his wife’s since she’s the one that cheated and left her kids with his family. But in his last conversation to a relative he told that the court seems inclined towards the wife and he may even have to pay compensation for the divorce along with getting custody of the children.

How fair is that to the man and his family is all I ask? Why does he have to pay for his wife’s self-confessed infidelity, insensitivity and ill-attachment to her own kids?

Another case that recently happened in one of my father’s friends’ family is that a newly wed asked for a hefty sum of money to be transferred to her mother’s account or else she’ll file a dowry case against the husband and his family.When the family  did not pay heed to her threats, she filed a case against the husband claiming he is impotent and has an extra-marital affair. The court ruled in her favor and she received a handsome alimony.

When I was a toddler, our neighbors’ son, a doctor got married to a woman who was under a false identity, filed a case of dowry demand  and domestic violence and put the whole family behind the bars in return for heavy compensation in cash. Her false identity was discovered when she was caught doing the same to another family and our neighbors were finally let out of jail a decade later. Justice may have been served late but the family is now living in slums, trying to make ends meet through daily wage jobs.

I am sure these are not the only cases you have heard about.

Women go to the police with a complaint (may be false), but the system provides to record that as a criminal complaint and that data adds in to the National Statistics of Crime Against Women. When male goes with a genuine complaint the police at max can record a Non Cognizable offence against the women. That will never reflect in the statistics. Then how will one guage crime against men? Every 100 Suicides in India have 63 Males and 37 Females. Every 100 male suicides have 45 married males, and every 100 women suicides have 25 married Women. Married women suicides have default arrests of the inlaws under presumed dowry death. Married men suicides entitle wife for a 50% share in property. — Jinesh Zaveri, an advocate on men’s rights in marriage laws.

The biggest threats to Indian men and Indian families is Article 498A of Indian Penal Code , Passed by Indian Parliament in 1983, which is a criminal law (not a civil law):

“Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine. The offence is Cognizable, non-compoundable and non-bailable.”

498a can only be invoked by wife/daughter-in-law or her relative. Most cases where Sec 498A is invoked turn out to be false (as repeatedly accepted by High Courts and Supreme Court in India) as they are mere blackmail attempts by the wife (or her close relatives) when faced with a strained marriage. In most cases 498a complaint is followed by the demand of huge amount of money (extortion) to settle the case out of the court. This section is non-bailable(you have to appear in court and get bail from the judge), non-compoundable (complaint can’t be withdrawn) and cognizable (register and investigate the complaint, although in practice most of the time arrest happens before investigation). There have been countless instances where, without any investigation, the police has arrested elderly parents, unmarried sisters, pregnant sister-in-laws and even 3 year old children. In these cases unsuspecting family of husband has to go through a lot of mental torture and harassment by the corrupt Indian legal system. A typical case goes on for years (5-7 years is typical) and the conviction rate is about 2% only. Some accused parents, sisters and even husbands have committed suicide after time in jail. —, a website to raise awareness on 498A of IPC and it’s increasing misuse by the Indian daughter-in-laws.

One of the most hazardous and disastrous social evils in society along with crime against women is misandry i.e. hatred towards men, and is visible in following forms:

  1.  Presence of anti-male gender biased laws in India.
  2.  Little awareness of men’s issues.
  3. Trivialization of men’s problems.
  4. Male disposability.
  5. Systematic gender-based discrimination against men across policies – either public or private.
  6. No special protection accorded to men from serious issues like incidences of terror from intimate partners, immediate family and extended family.
  7. Gender based discrimination against fathers.
  8. Gender based discrimination against boys in education schemes.
  9. Irrational distribution of responsibilities across the two genders.
  10. No allocation of budget by Government towards male friendly causes and objectives.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) as many as 61,453 married men ended their lives in 2010, compared to 31,754 women. The NCRB report in 2011 concluded that at least 16 people committed suicide every hour and the total figure was 1.35 lakh; Suicides due to divorce and “illegitimate pregnancy” saw a rise of 54% and 20% respectively in 2011. The report showed that 70% of victims were married. While social and economic causes led most men to commit suicide, emotional and personal causes mainly drove women to take the extreme step.

Taking into consideration shortfall in Indian Penal code of basic human right of men and protection, a new law named ‘Saving Men from Intimate Terror Act’ SMITA is on the anvil. This bill is supposed to be tabled in the Parliament this winter session and debate would be held in the Rajyasabha as given to understand from the Standing Committee of the Parliament. — Fight For Justice, a blog on protecting men’s right in India.

SMITA is a joint initiative by the Indian Social Awareness and Activism Forum (INSAAF) and Confidare Research, drafted to protect men and boys from domestic violence from their spouse, girlfriends and parents.

Various forms of abuse against men by the opposite sex have been classified by  them under:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Legal abuse
  • Economic abuse
  • Sexual abuse

The draft bill was sent as a petition to the Rajya Sabha by the NGOs, following which an acknowledgement was sent to the petitioners, paving the way for a discussion on it in the Upper House.

If you are one of the victims of women-centric family laws in the country, you can seek support at NGOs such as Men’s Rights AssociationSave Indian Family Foundation/All India Men’s Welfare Association.
Every coin has two sides to it, without looking at the other, one should not form an opinion. Justice For Women was not a result of misandry but an attempt to protect, save, empower and fight for equality of our own kind.
The purpose of this post is to aware the readers of the threats of women-centric laws to the men in India and to show our support for SMITA. This is not to say that crime against women and inferior status of women in India is a myth.
Everyone deserves fair and just trial. Gender bias deepens division of society based on sex and I believe we would all agree this country needs to learn solidarity, unity and tolerance towards those different from ourselves.

Franklin Joseph, women safety empowerment specialist and Krav Maga trainer.

There is a lack of awareness about self-defense among women in India. We asked some questions to Franklin Joseph, our workshop organizer in Bangalore, and this is what we learnt out of it.

1. What is self-defense?

Franklin: Self Defense: Concept is Still Stuck in Stone Era. To most people, Self Defense still means Martial Arts or tricks taught in Martial Arts. Some crime against women is reported and few women join free self-defense classes. After a while everyone forgets and life is back to ‘normal’. Sadly, everyone actually believes that by ignoring this issue, it would never happen to me.

2. Why is Self Defense important?

FJ: National Crime Records Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, India has reported around 24,206 rape cases in past year and it itself has increased 826% percent since 1971. But nobody worries about 99,135 reported crime, ‘Cruelty by husbands and relatives’, 42,968 molestation cases, 35,565 Kidnapping and Abductions cases etc. 92% of time these crimes against women are committed by men they already know.

Can a 6 years girl raped by her step-father punch and kick her way out of the her nightmares?

Can a wife being raped by her husband do a round kick to escape her marriage?

Can an 85 years old lady wearing a sari throw his young more powerful rapist off her fragile body?

Can a 16-year-old college girl do a fist-fight with a group of men eve-teasing her without the fear of being a acid-victim tomorrow?

Punches and Kicks DO NOT solve real life problems. We are so in-tuned to movie magic that we think the good guy would walk away with the girl after having a fist fight with the bad guys, that we start believing it to be real.

3. What is your opinion on women being known as the “weaker sex?”

FJ: Most of the men I have talked to are amazed that some or most women do not, could not or would not fist-fight with the bad guy if there is a threat. Naturally, they said they associated lack of violence in women directly to the lack of physical strength and so-called them the ‘weaker sex’.

Sadly, most women also considered themselves as weaker than men especially when it comes to size, strength, fitness, flexibility etc.

We men planted these thoughts in women’s mind the day we as fathers tell them they have to be good daughters and take care of the family’s ‘shobha.’ We taught them to doubt their size and strength when we as brothers we were allowed to do anything while our vulnerable sisters were told to stay protected inside the house. We as parents never encouraged physical training in girls as it would make them less feminine or turn their skin dark making them un-eligible for marriage and so forth.

So interesting in one area, we as men tell them you cannot, you should not or you would not do it due to the limitations of your age, size, strength, fitness and flexibility. We as a society plant these insecurities in them and on other hand, we expect women to fight back the attacker who might be bigger and stronger than them.

And if she does not, oh means she gave consent. Let’s blame the victim! Easy!

4. Is physical fitness important to learn self-defense? If so, why?

FJ: Now, understand fist-fighting with someone means you need strength, size, fitness, stamina, flexibility & skill-set to emerge a winner every-time. That is why Tony Jaa, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan do not have pot belly or weight issues. They have invested more than a decade training in their respective martial arts.

What will a 6 years old girl do against a grown up man?

Or a 20 years old against a group of men?

Does a 40-year-old mother survive against a robber?

Or an 85-year-old lady against a younger attacker?

I have met so many women in my ‘Power to Women Workshops’ who said they have slapped the eve-teaser and that solution worked for them and they would slap again as they want to teach them a lesson because they do not want these guys to repeat the same with other women. I fully agree. You must retaliate, but my worry is that retaliation must not turn into violent provocation. Most of these Eve-Teasers, molesters and rapists are Juvenile delinquents / Criminals who have no respect for the system, law or women and they won’t hesitate to get violent. So the question comes, what will you do if the situation goes out of control where he turns violent? If you can handle that, then by all means do what you do best.

I know I am not giving too much to hope till now, but trust me, if women self-defense was just few tricks of martial arts, the crime rate against women should have decreased by now. Sadly, like other things in life – love, marriage, jobs etc, crime is also a complicated living entity that is ever-evolving.

5. How can you ensure safety of women?

FJ: That is why I created Franklin Joseph’s Power to Women Workshops, to help educate the real side of life regarding Women Safety Awareness, Women Self Defence and Women Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse. Before explaining on this, let’s handle one more issue when it comes to self-defense.

6. How can your workshops help women?

FJ: Power to : Women Safety Awareness, Israeli Krav Maga Women Self Defence and Women Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence and Sexual Abuse

I am not just a martial artist who has a diploma authorising me to teach Self Defense. Because by just being a trainer, I am basically teaching women how to do what a man should do under threat – use his strength, size, fitness, age, flexibility and skill-set to teach the bad guy a lesson without worrying about the consequence.

In one of the videos I watched on the net, the tactic shown was the victim must search the attacker for weapons pretending to faint or having a epilepsy attack and while the victim is held by the attacker, he/she should use his/her hands to search his pockets or waist for hidden knives and use his/her legs to search for knives hidden under his socks. Then the victim should grab him by his clothes and do a judo throw over-coming his/her threat. Brilliant, Search for weapons and over-throw your threat.

Only issue is if the attacker is a man and the victim is a women and the threat is molestation… imagine the women fainting into his arms while she is groping his waist and pockets rubbing her legs against his legs. God, what a slut, molesting the molester! Oops! I am sure someone would take a fatwa against me now!

7. Tell us something about your history with self-defense.

FJ: Jokes apart, its time to re-evaluate the problem of crime, violence and sexual abuse against women and how Self Defense is taught and understood by women in India. My history with self defense is briefly listed below:

  • Born in slums of New Delhi, I gained in-sight of crime modus operandi and criminal mindset along with life-time real-life street combat experience
  • After 11 years after working as a IT-Creative Director, I turned into a Social Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker to listen and share what I learned in my life.
  • From 1986, started researched and educated myself on Safety Empowerment to help me heal and elevate myself from my own sexual abuse and violent past.
  • From 1995 onwards, I worked, researched and designing module on Women Safety Empowerment by living or researching with women with abusive past or trauma.
  • From 2003, as a Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense instructor I gained vast experience in corporate workshops and tactical training with military, police & special forces.
  • From 2008 onward, started conducting & specialising on ‘’ and ‘’ workshops focusing on women empowerment from within.

8. Could you give us a brief on your workshops?

FJ: Main highlight of Power to Women Workshops are:

  • Workshops are designed with inputs from a Woman Psychologist as well as victims of trauma and workshop participants.
  • Use of Krav Maga, Israeli Self Defense neuromuscular Re-Education Tactics to help Prevention, Avoidance and Escape of Threats.
  • Incorporates neuroscience Positive Emotions and Intervention tactics to stabilize and raise one’s level of DHEA-a “I-have-the-power” hormone.
  • Re-designs Psychological Resilience response which enhances an individual’s tendency to cope with stress and adversity.
  • Self-realization of your own physical power – you are ready to survive irrespective of your size, strength or fitness level.
  • Awareness of latest crimes and Understanding a predator’s game plan and how to defeat it
  • Recognize Pre-Conflict Indicators and be Aware of Post-Conflict Dangers
  • Pre-Assault Situation Awareness and Conflict Prevention from being chosen a victim via attitude, body posture etc.
  • Survival Mindset – How to diffuse fear and bring in courage
  • Stress Management – performing effectively under pressure where personal danger is very real
  • Risk reduction – Verbal Confrontational and Diffusing Exercises against Eve-teasing, Office Sexual harassment etc.
  • Risk avoidance – against domestic violence, kidnapping and sexual abuse

9. Which forms of Self Defense are useful for women and where to learn it from?

FJ: Women must force the So-called women self-defense experts to think like women: They should advise women what to do, only if they have understood the root-cause from women’s point of view and the solution would treat her like a living breathing person who has to live with her choice and the consequence of her choice rather than a client who will just pays the fees.

Women who wish to get trained by just anyone who claims and throws some names around, remember he is just teaching you a male dominant view-point forced on women trauma. So you should….

  1. Train with any martial arts, Train with any self-defense, but do not train blindly gulping whatever half-cooked knowledge he throws at you.
  2. Ask questions, use your common sense and give a realistic problem for him/her to solve. Force him to think about your welfare instead of just thinking about his next fees. Give him real life limitation like what if the victim is 6-year-old, or 87-year-old, then can she do the same tricks / tactics?
  3. Research on the information you learn, question yourself, try that in a more realistic scenario where you are in pain or in fear of your life and see if it still works and will it take care of the any future consequences of your choice to fight. If not, find an alternative method.

10. What has been your experience training with women so far?

FJ: I have conducted many Power to Women Workshops and I have always been amazed by the inner strength of the women – her size, her determination, her level of fitness, her will to protect her loved ones, her wisdom and her flexibility to be a confident professional, housewife and a family member. My aim in my workshops is just to show her that she does not need any tricks to realise that she is a tigress instead of a rabbit and never-not even by the remotest degree – a weaker sex.


P.S. Justice For Women has organized free-of-cost self-defense workshop in collaboration with Franklin Joseph in Bangalore on 17-18 November, 2012. For more information, contact us on

 Zena Costa, independent sports mgmt prof and writer on how men can help their loved ones, in their time of need.

RAPE: What MEN can to do in case of a female friend or relative is raped ?

This is by no means a comprehensive list. However, here are some of the basic ways you can support your relative or friend if she has been raped:

If she comes to you for help immediately after the rape:

  • Ensure that she doesn’t wash herself as it could wash away evidence.
  • Call YOUR Parents/elders, anybody she can be comfortable with, and a person who can help you too.
  • Accompany her to the hospital Emergency Room or the police station immediately – whichever is closest.
  • Help her fill in all the required forms.
  • Request for a female doctor or police officer to tend to her if she is too traumatised to speak.
  • Contact the nearest women’s shelter or rape centre for support and advice on what to do next.

Other ways of providing support:

  • Don’t blame and never judge her – be supportive.
  • Help her get counseling sessions with a professional.
  • Accompany her to counseling sessions should she request it.
  • Accompany her to follow-up check-up appointments with the doctor.
  • Remind her that it was not her fault in any way. She did not ask for it.
  • Be a patient listener. Let her tell you the story, or if not, just be there for her.
  • If she is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, make it a point to check in on her regularly to ensure her safety and prevent suicide.
  • If she has children or other dependents, offer to babysit them when she has to go to court, to the counseling session or the doctor’s appointment.
  • Support her when she files charges against the perpetrator.
  • Accompany her to the court trial/hearings if the case is brought to court and should she request that you do so.

Important contact information of NGOs and Government Cells in Delhi:

NGOS Involved In Combating Violence Against Women
S.No. Name & Address Phones
6, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi Ph :
23381165, Fax: 23384092
CISRS House, 14, Jangpura-B Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110 014
24314821, Fax: 24313660
B-5/19, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi – 24
web :
26164113, Fax: 26160279
10, Parliament Street, New Delhi – 1
web :
23340294, Fax: 23342220
6/30 B, Jangpura-B, New Delhi – 14
24312483, Fax: 24322220
B-64, First Floor, South Extension -II New Delhi – 49
web :
24643946, 24623295, Fax: 24643946
C-54, Top Floor, South Extension-II New Delhi – 49
26257015, Fax: 26253629/7755
Raj Niwas Marg, Civil Lines, Delhi – 54
23973949, Fax: 23973949
B-64, 2nd Floor, Sarvodaya Enclave New Delhi – 17
web :
26966334, 26517726
Police Station Complex, Shakarpur Pushta Marg, Ramesh Park, Delhi – 92
web :
22527259, 22450100 Ext.6784
11. MARG 
205-206, 2nd Floor, Shahpur Jat New Delhi – 49
web :
26497483, 26496925
63/2, FF Masjid RD Jangpura Extension New Delhi – 14
24316925, 24313904
Brotherhood House 7, Court Lane New Delhi – 54
23931432, Fax: 23981025
19, Fire Brigade Lane, Opp. Campa Cola Factory Connaught Place, New Delhi
web :
65, 2nd Floor, Jangpura, New Delhi
web :
24316922, 24324503
Vikas Bhawan Sanjay Amar Colony Yamuna Pushta, Delhi – 6
web :
23866316, 23866403, Fax: 23866312
E-103, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 19
26415831, 26022849
A-7, Amrit Nagar, Behind South Extension-I New Delhi – 49
web :
24645021, 24645022
2, Institutional Area, Nelson Mandela Marg C-1, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 70
26899998, 26125583, Fax: 2613782
961, Mangolpuri, Delhi – 110083
A-6, Satsang Vihar MG, Qutab Institutional Area, Delhi – 110016
2ND FLR,Vikas Bhwn, C-BLK, Darya Ganj, Delhi – 110002
Shopping Cnetre, Jungpura Side, Defence Colony, Delhi – 110024
34/18, NR PNB, Devli RD, Khanpur, Delhi – 110062
web :
B-114, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Delhi – 110017
E-453, Part-II, Greater Kailash, Delhi – 110048
48, Nr D Blk, Institutional Area, Janak Puri, Delhi – 110058
7/5,1st Flr, South Patel Nagar, Delhi – 110008
A-91,1st Flr, Amrit Puti, East Of Kailash, Delhi – 110065
web :
139, Shopping Cplx, Zamrudpur, Delhi – 110048
113, Mohan Singh Place, Cp, Delhi – 110001
web :
H-11 ,Second Floor, Hudson Lane,Kingsway Camp, Delhi
web :
9582909025, 42870188

33. Deep Jyoti- Neelam Sharma (Founder)

Address: Village Bagdola, (Choppar) Sector-8, Dwarka Delhi-110073

Tel: +919311001137, 011-65751671

Email: Website:

Shelter Homes For Women
S.No. Name & Address Capacity Phones
‘Bapnu Ghar, 6, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi
30-35 23381377,23389680
‘Snehalaya’, 31 X, Karkardooma, Near Central School, Delhi
25 22145113
3. PRAYAS(Juvenile Home for 6-18 years)
59, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi
70-100 29956244
10, Parliament Street, New Delhi-1
12 43553142

  1. Sarai Rohella, Near Andh Mugh Police Station, Partap Nagar, Near Metro Station, Delhi
  2. Jahangir Puri, Near Metro Station and Mahindra Park, Police Station Jahangir Puri, Delhi
6 223820509971802146
Jail Road, Janak Puri, New Delhi
50 26520114
Mayur Vihar, Phase-I, New Delhi
20 23344435
Crime Against Women Cells (CAW Cells)
S.No. Name/ Address Phone
Special Police Unit for Women & Children, Nanakpura, Moti Bagh New Delhi
Crime Against Women Cell
P.S. Sarai Rohilla, Ist Floor, Delhi-7,
Crime Against Women Cell P.S. Pitampura, Delhi-52
Crime Against Women Cell. Old Building of PS Nand Nagri, Delhi.
Crime Against Women Cell
P.S. Prasad Nagar Delhi.
25737951 Ext. 7411
Crime Against Women Cell
Parliament Street, New Delhi-1,
23361231 Ext. 3447
Crime Against Women Cell,
Old PS Malviya Nagar Building,
Behind PVR Saket, New Delhi
Crime Against Women Cell PS Dwarka Sector 9, First Floor, Near ITL Public School, New Delhi.
Crime Against Women Cell, PP Sriniwas Puri, New Delhi
Crime Against Women Cell P.S. Krishna Nagar, Delhi,
Crime Against Women Cell P.S. Kirti Nagar, New Delhi
25447100 Ext. 4205
Crime Against Women Cell, Old Police Station Building, Near JIMS Institute, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi

Above mentioned details have been taken from Special Police Unit for Women & Children, Delhi

List of NGOs and Government-run organizations working against Domestic Violence in Mumbai: 

  1. Action India
  2. Akshara- A women’s Resourse Centre
  3. Asha Sadan
  4. Bapnu Ghar
  5. Bapu Trust
  6. Bharatiya Mahila Federation
  7. CORO for Literacy
  8. Community Outreach Programme
  9. Jagori
  10. Kasturba Mahila Vasatigruha
  11. Lawyer’s Collective women’s Right initiative
  12. Mahila Dakshata Samiti
  13. MASUM-Mahila Sarvangeen Utkarsha Mandal
  14. MAVA- Men against violence and Abuse
  15. Sakhya Anti-dowry and Women’s guidance cell
  16. Special Cell for Women and Children
  17. The Hindu Women’s Welfare Society-Shraddhanand MAhila Ashram
  18. Women’s Research & Action Group

Do share with us links on useful links, websites and lists of NGOs to update this post.