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Guest post by a guy who believes you can be safe if you look at signs.

The government cannot make harsher laws to make you safe.

The cops cannot be more vigilant to make you safe.

There is only one person in this world who can make you safe. You are that person. Only YOU can ensure you are safe.

Here are some practical steps I have been sharing with my sisters. This is what I would like to share with you.

  • Be alert. Look for warning signs. Trust your instincts.

Is the area you’re walking through in the middle of the night really safe? Is the party you’re going to full of strangers exhibiting strange behavior? Is your boyfriend groping you without consent? Women know something is wrong about a situation even before they can really put a finger on what is really wrong about it. The tragedy is in not respecting that first thought you get.

  • Respect reality. Know the harsh truths about your surroundings.

Is your society ready for your freedom to wear what you wish to? Are people around you generally sexually liberated? Have the people you interact with been exposed to global fashion trends that not only tolerate but maybe even encourage the show of skin? It is one thing to say that you should have the right to wear what you want to, act friendly and intimate with anyone you wish to, etc. but a completely different thing to say that I will knowingly put a juicy chunk of meat in a pool full of starving piranhas and expect them to not pounce on it. Sure women’s rights activist will want to hang me for saying this, but to them I say just one thing – please live to fight the battle another day. What needs to be changed is the male mindset. If you truly want to win this battle, be prepared to fight a long and tiring battle. And prepare to live. Taking your chances out there on the minefield will not help.

  • Stand up for others in distress.

Are you the kinds who is holding a candle in one of the protests today but on some other day have quietly seen someone’s daughter or sister get eve teased or assaulted in public without helping them? Shame on you! If you really want to take a stand against assaults on women, that candle light vigil will do nothing compared to what assisting a woman in need can do. This really is the most under rated strategy to bring about a change in the male mindset. Show the males their disgusting attitudes will not be tolerated and you have a chance of curing them of their ill. Show them that the might of the decent folks far outshine the might of the disgusting folks and you have a chance to strike fear in their hearts the way no harsh law ever could. The domino effect of that act can ensure someone else who may target you in the future is already discouraged.

  • Learn self defense. Not just physical but mental and emotional too.

You think rape is only physical? You think it is just the body that gets violated? Wrong. The assault is always at multiple levels. And so should your self defense be. For times when all your precautions fail you, sure you should learn Judo, Karate or anything else you can enroll for. But also know that if, God forbid, the unthinkable happens, you are not the one at fault. You are not to be blamed. The shame must fall on the perpetrators of that heinous act. Don’t get into a cocoon and let those bastards walk free. Fight them. And the spineless others who might discourage you. They may have struck first, but you can still finish it!


She Danced

Posted: July 15, 2012 by sakshikumarindia in Poems
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Guest post by Prateek Garg:

Kaafi puraani baat hai.
Ghaati mein saalon ke baad baraf giri thee.
Aur jab sab apne gharon ke andar
mandd choolhe per haath sek rahe they,
woh baahar nikalti hai.

Woh baahar nikalti hai,
baraf se dhakee ghaati ko nihaarne.
Barfaani thand ka ek jhonka
uske gaalon per jaise hee padtaa hai.
Woh naachti hai.

Woh naachti hai, jaise koi kal na ho.
Woh naachti hai, jaise iskey baad koi jashn hee na ho.
Woh naachti hai, jaise aaj woh azaad thee.
Woh naachti hai, jaise yeh baraf uski daas thee.
Woh naachti hai, zindagi ki taal pe.
Woh naachti hai, vaadi ki saaz pe. 
Woh naachti hai.

Uss din
aakhri baar usey dekha gaya thaa.
Kisi ne kaha, bhaag gayi hogi marjaani.
Toh kisi ne kaha, maar diya hoga usko.
Kahaan gayab ho gayi
kisi ko nahin pata thaa.
Aur saath hee uske gayab ho gayi
ghaati se woh baraf.

Uss din ke baad aaj tak,
ghaati mein kabhie baraf nahin giri.
Uss saal ki baraf bhi paani ban chuki thee.
Ja mili woh ek gehre samundar mein.

Aaj bhi jab baadal chhate hain.
Aaj bhi jab aasmaan shor machaata hai.
Aaj bhi jab ghaati apni beti ko yaad karti hai
Woh naachti hai.
Gehre samundar ke beech
leher bankar,
woh naachti hai. 
Woh naachti hai.