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I wrote this post last year for my personal blog. Please feel free to suggest more preventive measures in the comments section:
The topic of sex is quite sensitive for me so I’ll try to cover it as best as can.
Lately, my timeline has become a battleground of the cities. Delhi versus other metros to be precise.
People have been bashing Delhi for being the rape capital of the country and having the highest rate of crime against women and children.
What concerns me the most is that regardless of a city number of registered rape cases, women all over the world suffer from the hate-crime that is forced sex. Be it sexually liberated countries of the West or sexually oppressed countries of the East, women are prone to sexual slavery of forms.
Coming back to India, is there a foolproof way to curb this problem? I don’t think so. In a hugely diverse country like ours how can a uniform solution of Any problem be the savior?
Some methods that come to my mind are:
  • Buying sex toys in India is illegal. I wonder why the Government would have a problem with experimentation in sex but not with sexually explicit songs and videos like Sheila ki Jawani and Tinku Jiya. I mean seriously, you allow a kid to enter theaters and be witness to such obscenity and then expect them to grow up to respect women and value sex? This treatment of women as sexual objects in the mainstream media causes more harm than we care to take account of. Opening up of sex stores near the NCR would be an interesting social experiment. I don’t suggest selling hardcore stuff for BDSM though. Just some blow up dolls et al. India suffers from sexual desperation. Wouldn’t it help if we take the desperation out a little bit?
  • Sex education shouldn’t be imparted at an early age as it can corrupt young minds. Let kids believe in Santas and storks for a little longer. Kids today are more aware of this topic than we realize. It would be silly to wait for long but we can at least wait till they’re pre-pubertal, i.e. 10-11 years of age? This also means that the Censor Board should be more stringent in filtering cinematic content and theaters should be more judgmental at the box office. Every rule or law requires proper execution to be a success.
  • Respect towards women shall be taught as part of children’s formal and informal socialization. Fathers shouldn’t be portrayed as the head of the family. Instead parents should have equal jurisdiction in family matters. Preferential treatment towards any child must be discouraged. This can be followed in schools through moral education classes where stories of successful men and women shall be shared among other things.
  • Lastly, I dreamt about it ever since I was a kid. Why not open an all-girl orphanage? Parents with unwanted girls can drop off their daughters to these orphanages instead of aborting them or marrying them off as kids. Encourage mothers to give birth to girl child  instead of aborting them and enlisting them in such orphanages.
Of course none of these methods have a 100% chance at success. They may all bomb for all I know. But instead of being sitting ducks and cursing each other and the system for all the crimes, wouldn’t it be better if we took a step towards the betterment of society.
I am not an expert at this topic so please feel free to suggest more methods for prevention of such crimes and correct me in places I am wrong. Lastly, learn to respect women for if We revolt, we literally are the Mother of this civilization.