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I don’t want to write, not a single word.
I want to say that there is nothing more to be said, after the Guwahati incident.
But unfortunately, we will move on. Even this shameful terrifying incident will not change anything.
We will close this chapter and again read feverishly about girls getting scholarships, flying aeroplanes and breaking the glass ceiling.
We will want desperately to believe that all this is the truth and will lull ourselves into this belief.
For a while , till another ‘Guwahati’ happens.
Because it will.
And this time we cannot blame the government, too bad but there it is.
We have only ourselves to blame so naturally that door is closed, as we are cowards.
Mental cowards who cannot face the truth and physical cowards who cannot protect the weak.
Women are not weak per se I want to say this but can’t in all truthfulness.
Deterioration of status of women is being seen and felt by each one of us.
I have always maintained that the day is not far off when women will become commodities again.
Don’t think!
Don’t introspect!
Don’t analyse!
Just STOP accepting the unacceptable right now.

Otherwise be prepared for the return of auction block and sale of women as slaves.

Some bizarre and equally horrid tales of crime against women from various parts of the country. This post has been updated with latest news links at the top.


  1. IRS officer booked for filming wife’s obscene video for dowry
  2. 13-year old girl beaten to death by village head
  3. Woman branded a witch, beaten up in Rajasthan
  4. Amaranth Yatra sevadars arrested for pilgrim’s nude MMS
  5. Woman fails to serve food quickly to son, killed
  6. Human sacrifice: Four arrested for killing girl
  7. Women talk to stranger, hacked to death by husband
  8. Honour killing: Girl murdered by mother, brother
  9. Inmates raped at will by outsiders in Hooghly rehabilitation home
  10. Karnataka: Husband forces wife to drink his urine for more dowry
  11. Girls forced to strip and clean classroom floor
  12. From the Delhi police: Why women deserve to be raped
  13. Student held for kissing girl on street
  14. Teenage girl dumps newborn to die

Please send in links to news items that you find.

Following are some of the news items posted by members on our Facebook Group, Justice For Women

  1. Teacher gets jail for cutting girl’s hair 
  2. Indore man fastens wife’s vagina with a lock, arrested
  3. Guwahati case: The questions about the fateful night of July 10
  4. Minor Muslim girl gang raped in Mewat; culprits at large
  5. Assaulted Dalit woman dies at hospital
  6. Rescued from kidnappers, girl raped by cops in UP
  7. Sexual assault likely to attract life imprisonment
  8. YouTube unveils face-blurring tool

The more I read up on news about crime against women, in India or abroad, I can’t help but think where is this world going.

How can we make it stop? Can we at all make it stop? If we can, why don’t we? If we want to, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it!!

She was fast asleep on the terrace of her house in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, on the night of April 22, 2003, when she felt the burning liquid splashed on her – melting away the flesh on her face, neck, the right part of her chest and lower torso… That horrific acid attack on Mukherjee when she was barely 18 also ended her dreams of a beautiful future. The attackers were 3 men who stalked her. She needs financial and moral help to rehabilitate.

Full story at NDTV:

Please help Sonali in her 9 year old fight for justice. With money and support, everyone becomes fearless but to stay strong in lack of it all is what makes a person Brave.

I salute Sonali and humbly request you to help her with funding, she is in urgent need of at least 12-15 lakhs for her operations and lawyer.

Additionally, Dr. Nanda, her plastic surgeon, Safdarjung wants the following for Sonali’s treatment:
These items are available with Myovatec Surgical Systems Pvt. Ltd. Kalkaji extension.

1. Artificial ear implant -01 nos – cost 26250.00
2. tissue extender – 03 nos – cost 1,13,400.00

As little as Rs. 100 per person and amongst 3400 of us we may have raised 3,40,000. what are you waiting for? Let’s do it!!

How can you help?

  • You can do net transfer or go to any branch of PNB and post a cheque to this account.

Chandi Das Mukherjee

Account Number: 0612000103217964

IFSC Code: PUNB0061200

Punjab National Bank, Nauroji Nagar, New Delhi

This is her statement to the media, “I am in extreme pain since the incident and don’t have the capacity to withhold it anymore – neither the money nor the hope. My father, Chandi Das Mukherjee, has spent everything we had to keep me alive – land, jewellery, everything! My treatment has already cost us 12-15 lakhs, as a result of which we owe a lot of money to our relatives. The medical authorities require another 10-15 lakhs for my further treatment. Additionally, substantial amount of money has been spent on the court cases. Therefore, I demand either justice and help in treatment or permission to end my life. If there is any possibility of getting my rightful life back, then please help me by signing this plea of mine to the prime leaders of this country.”

Do leave comments if you have helped her in any way and let us know of more victims we could try and help. If Justice For Women is what you all want, let’s Give it to her, Help her!

P.S. If you know of any corporate/charity/indivisual that may be willing to pick up the tab, do contact Sonali on the above-mentioned number.

Guest post by Suvarna Menon:

The Guwahati case has shaken the nation just as Twitter was ablaze with shouts of disapproval at Sherlyn Chopra’s nude photos. As a fellow Twitter user @Urban_Sanyaasi rightly pointed out at the time, “Sherlyn Chopra on one side, Guwahati incident on the other. Perspective cannot be gained more objectively. A voluntary baring. A violation.” We speak of a nation with values, customs and traditions intact; a nation of people who are up-in-arms at the thought of ‘indecency’ or ‘inappropriateness’ and who are easily scandalized by skin-show even when it is voluntary. However, in the face of real crimes including violence against women like in the cases of rape, molestation and harassment of women, the perpetrators of the crimes escape unnoticed. The onus is inadvertently on the woman – for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for arousing lust in the man, for being ‘inappropriately dressed’ – the list is endless.

As concerned people, we can blame the media for objectifying women, we can continue to raise our voices against men who engage in such appalling acts of crime, or we can sit helplessly in our living rooms, watching on as the news worsens each day. We can talk of respecting women at an intellectual level, but lasting effects can only be brought about by engaging in discussion and changing attitudes beginning inside our own homes.

As a father, do you tell your daughter to dress appropriately and not ‘ask for trouble’ because you ‘know what boys are’? Or do you encourage her to be an independent, empowered woman who can stand up for herself and speak up against injustice? As a woman, do you think girls who wear short skirts or ‘revealing clothes’ deserve it any more than boys who wear shorts do? We have spent years teaching our women how to protect themselves, prevent themselves from being noticed or prevent themselves from attracting attention. We are now at a stage where most women are professional working women and are most certainly in the limelight. But can we as a nation make this a safe space for them to explore their creative talents, aspirations and dreams, rather than making them feel threatened and insecure about their achievements?

By all means raise your sons to respect women, but stimulate discussions which make them realize that women are humans and equals that are worthy of respect, rather than a false sense of respect emerging out of pity or a macho need to ‘protect’ them because they are a ‘weaker’ sex. Raise your children to speak up for justice for both sexes. Make your parents believe in equality of sexes and allow it to translate in your own interactions with the opposite sex.

If you believe you are a man who respects women, and you still come home and lie back on the couch, asking her to serve you dinner while you watch the news in ‘horror’ at the atrocities committed against women, you are not fooling anyone. Similarly, as a woman, if you generalize all behavior and spew hatred towards all men, you will achieve nothing.

Examine your own thoughts, challenge your own attitudes towards the two sexes. Critique your parents’ attitudes, and stimulate change around by encouraging rational discourse and pointing out flaws in people’s thought process. Only then can we hope for a better tomorrow. The change begins with you.