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Guest Post by Tanmay Mehta:

The male-chauvinist pigs, that most Indian men are, time and again prove that they are an embarrassment to the human race. They pick their nose in public, they eat disgusting things like gutkha, tobacco and pan and paint any and every area with it and they urinate just about anywhere. They are untidy and filthy. Now many would disagree, try to argue that they are not untidy and filthy, that they are rather very well-mannered and very presentable. May be… But inside every man’s mind there is filth, dirt, grime and grunge. Not only are they disgusting, they all are rapists! 

As offending as it may seem, its the truth. They are all rapists because rape is not only about forced sexual intercourse but physical harassment such as groping & eve-teasing as well. We know enough cases through the media to know that rapes and molestation cases are alarmingly high in India, with its capital, Delhi, also being termed as the Rape Capital. In India, every 26 minutes, a woman is molested; every 34 minutes, a woman is raped; every 42 minutes, an incident of sexual harassment takes place. Let us do the math… in a year, 20215 women are molested, 15459 women are raped and 12514 women are sexually harassed. Thats one shameful stat!

Now, you would say that you never raped, molested or sexually harassed any one. And I would ask you to reconsider. Every minute, some girl is groped in a crowded bus, inappropriately touched by a friend or relative, eve-teased and demeaned by shameless pricks. These acts of sexual harassment are done by otherwise decent men. 

Now, a few of you would still say that you never sexually harassed or violated a woman. And I would ask you again to reconsider. By my guess, 98 percent of Indians, men and women alike, feel that women are raped, molested or sexually harassed because of the way they dress, they talk or the way they behave. And those who feel so, are the rapists to be. Because, one fine day, their judgmental small minds would conclude that a skimpy dress, a sweet talk or a friendly hug is an ‘invitation’ and they would do everything possible to honour the ‘invite’. 

And so I say all Indian men are rapists, with, of course, a few honourable exceptions.  This small minority of Indian men, who actually are well-mannered, presentable, nonjudgmental and open-minded individuals, are passive and silent to all the ill-doing and garbage-thinking around them. But I admire those that stand up for women and have even died in an act of protecting women in need.

So all my rapist friends out there, I’m sure you would like to get rid of the rapist tag. But in order to do that you need to show some maturity in the way you think. These are some guidelines in order to not be a rapist: 

Firstly, with regards to not being an actual rapist or molester: 
1. Its okay if you die a virgin. 
2. You can buy a book on self-help. 
3. Rape and molestation are crimes. You would be jailed, if not killed by the victim or an angry mob. 
4. A sexually-transmitted disease might easily get transmitted in the act, as obviously, you won’t have the time or sense to use a condom then. 
5. Molestation and rape dont prove your masculinity. They just reiterate the fact that you are a wuss. 
Secondly, with regards to not being a sexual harasser: 
1. Acts like blind-groping, eve-teasing, indecent-touching are disgusting acts of the weak. 
2. The pleasure therein is miniscule, but makes you an ugly person, and demeans a human being. Thus, its not worth it. 
3. There’s a fine line between appreciating someone and demeaning someone. The next time, you like a girl, don’t whistle. May be, if you have the balls for it, then approach the girl and tell her with utmost respect and without any expectations that you like her and get the hell out of there. If she feels the same about you she would do something about it, if not, don’t bother her again. 
Finally, with regards to not being a potential rapist: 
1. If you roam around without a shirt, and even if you have great muscles, no girl would try to molest you. Same is expected from you. A girl wears certain clothes in certain way because thats her fashion sense, thats the way she likes to see herself. It in no way signifies that she wants you to do her. Even if you find a girl without any clothes (hypothetically), it must mean that either she’s too poor to have clothes or she’s a nudist. And if she actually wants you to do her, she will just tell you. Dont worry, she has that much guts. 
2. Just because a girl drinks and/or smokes, it does not mean that she sleeps around. That’s just your wishful thinking. Same is the case with a girl going to a disco or such other place. 
3. Just because a girl is in multiple relationships, allegedly or otherwise, it does not mean that she can’t say no to you. Even a prostitute has every right to deny. So don’t feed yourself the moral crap of she deserves it and shit! 
4.Don’t be judgemental of peoples characters. You dont know shit about what goes on in their minds and in their lives. 

I hope, we Indian men, pick ourselves up, and treat women with respect and dignity. Lets re-inspire the genesis of chivalry.