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End of Humanity?

Posted: December 21, 2012 by Ankita in Opinions
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Guest post by @Dravidict on how Humanity is seeing an end.

Friends, Indians, Country women/men lend me your eyes. I come here not to praise the girl for her fight, her spirit, body of whose was raped & but not her soul. I am here to question her…

She lies before us on the ventilator and asks “I just went for a movie with a friend what wrong have I done?”

She has done wrong by travelling at night, going out with a male friend how could she? How could she forget that the men who raped her felt this is wrong and the next day though people will stand by her, no one will question the men coz all men are honorable men.

She says “I came to Delhi to become a doctor, to cure people, to fulfill my parents’ dream, a dream for which they sold their land” Being a woman how could she have dreams? How could she make a career? How could she being a girl be independent? Like seriously didn’t know that our society asks for women equality, women freedom but when it is happening then men find it hitting their ego, men like I said earlier are all honorable men.

She asks “We weren’t getting transport so we boarded that bus, was that our fault too?” Yes had she not heard/learnt in school or at home never trust strangers? She then asks “but they were my countrymen”?  Countrymen? They were a breed of men who think from below their belt & felt it’s their right to play with a girl who they felt was “disrespecting” them & they are honorable men

She then asks “What could have stopped all this”? The bus shouldn’t have been tinted & not have curtains could have been her only savior.

She has a drop of tear falling of her eye & says “So is it my fault that I was born a girl?” Yes that’s right that’s where she’s made the biggest mistake being born as a girl who wanted to make a career, become a doctor, serve the society which would include men too, make her parents proud, prove that a daughter too can be a son but then the men who raped her wanted to prove that a woman is always second to a man. She can’t have dreams, aspirations, independence like a man & that’s why we have so many honorable men.

I don’t know her, haven’t met her, don’t even know her name, my only relationship with her is News Channels but I feel she’s a friend, a sister & I feel for her.

This is not an incident of today, this isn’t the first or the last harassment a woman has gone through. For centuries in our society we have exploited women. Women always have had to go through agni pareeksha, litmus test to prove they were pure or worthy for a man. A man never had to go through any of this. During the days of royalty, men used to marry in order to annex the princess’s kingdom without shedding any blood and like this they went on marrying many women, no one judged them.

We always see a man can publicly humiliate a woman, but if a woman utters even a word against a man in public then she is made to pay for it (not rape) but is made to feel the inferior person. A man can argue but if a woman argues then questions are raised on her upbringing.

A man can have a wife at home & hangout with a girl friend outside he’s complimented with the tag of “rangeela mizaaz” or a Casanova but if a girl is out with her brother or husband at night people think she is a toy which some people feel they have a right to play with. (Remember the Marriot incident?)

Why do men think that women are always supposed to satisfy them? Why is it that if a man sees a woman on the road then thinks he has every right to satisfy his lust? WHY???  If a girl resists then she must be taught a lesson, if she argues then punished, if tries to show her independence then she should be brought to her place. What is all this?????? Am not saying all men are devils but they surely are outnumbering the men who may be angels in nature. Kenan & Reuban tried to save a girl but no one helped them & they died. For whose fault? For doing the right thing?

Today we hear news of 6 months old baby raped, 5 year old kid raped. What wrong have they done? What lesson are you planning to teach them? Why do we always hide the demonish act of men & ask the women/girls/kids to compromise in order not to dilute the fabric of the family/society?  What “fabric” of family/society are we talking about??

We go to Vaishno Devi, worship Durga Ma, Santoshi Ma, Shera Waali maata, Sita Ma, Parvati Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Saraswati Ma, even when a girl cooks for the first time she’s called “Annapurna” then how can we worship them in the temple and show disrespect outside?

People say it’s the influence of movies that has made sex an object & has made men want more of it. So what you mean is that people seek inspiration from movies like The Dirty Picture but become blind to stories like Gangajal?  So we are society that attracts to anything which has SEX to it? Is that our culture?

Rape is a symptom of a disorder that our society has always been suffering with disrespecting to/ harassment of women which comes in many ways & we may pass new laws of severe punishment, chemical castration but what if tomorrow you have more cases of rape & murder? How will you ever find the culprit? If rapes happen within doors of a house then how will police stop such cases from occurring?

We surely need to set a precedent of fear & these men need to given the most severe punishment not because this girl deserves justice but because every girl/woman who has gone through such trauma deserves this. We have to ensure that media doesn’t remove its foot of the peddle & make this become a story of TRP, coz till the media is active she will get justice. At the same time we also need to change as a society, we need to make the women feel that when they are walking on the road they are safe, we need to respect them.

Why do we forget that God created Man then created woman & since then it’s the Woman who has given birth to mankind, she is the one who made this world & if the Mayan calendar (21/12/2012) is to be held true then metaphorically by showing disrespect, harassment to women we are bringing an end of the world. If you remember the movie 2012 then “the end of the World” begins in India & here again we are the ones who are playing the role of the destroyer.

Gandhiji fought for us as he believed we can teach the world humanity, the British Empire mocked at us calling us inhuman. Today we have proved them right & our father wrong.

It’s time for us to start a new India, where women are respected and cared not used objects or toys to be played with.

 Remember God & Devil are both within you it’s you who decides who dominates your soul.



Guest post by an Anonymous Delhi guy who feels there is a deeper meaning to the act on Dec 16th. He thinks the humans have become dangerous animals & still need to evolve.

A lot has been said about the Dec 16th Delhi Rape Case.

Many have wondered how could one human rape another human. Many feel rape should invoke harsher punishments to be wiped off our psyche. Many have argued men should be better raised for this menace to be eradicated.

I’ve been pre-occupied with something completely different about this case. I am not so sure if it has been explored by all those who “talk” only when such incidents come forth to our notice.

I am talking about the animal violence that followed the otherwise ghastly act.

What is it about our genetics that makes us go over the top? Not just in the case of rape, take road rage for instance. When someone cuts us off while driving, not only do we get medieval by cutting them off at the risk of hurting others, we sometimes force them to stop their vehicle, beat them up, and then even as their near dead motionless body lies there, we kick it or shoot at it one last time just to satiate the animal inside us. That is eerily similar to what happened at around 9:30 pm on Dec 16th – not only did several men rape a girl, they then went on to physically damage her insides and then threw her off the bus. If there are many amongst us who would go overboard in the case of road rage, we must come to this disturbing conclusion that there are many amongst us who would have done the exact same thing as those evil men in the case of sexual rage.

I am not sure I have an answer to why it happened. But I am not sure if it can be cured by harsher punishments – heck if that were the case we’d have zero murders. I don’t even think better upbringing would wipe this off our psyches – heck if that were the case, we’d all be respecting our elders and be kind to children.

I think in the final analysis, one thing is very clear. Humans have not evolved as much as we’d like to think we have. The animal inside us is very much alive. And maybe it’s gotten even more dangerous. We’re now hunting amongst our kind.

And as long as that happens, none of us are safe from each other. Not women, not children, not men either. No one