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Guest Post by Anubhav Deka:
To the people of Guwahati (Authorities, Police and Public),
I am a 16 year old boy from Don Bosco School.This is my first letter to the authorities, the police and the general public at large and this is an open letter. I do not mind if people spread under their name but I do mind it when they will change the message of this letter.

On the night of July 10th, I became ashamed to call myself a part of the male community and was also convinced of the presence of some really antisocial elements in our city of Guwahati. What they have done to the poor girl is unforgivable and most of them are still at large. Who knows what they have done next. Who knows what they have done before this. A girl, roughly of my age, was put to shame in public. And her fault? She was out at night wearing mini jeans. The men who did this act are vile creatures fit for the worst kind of punishment. And why such objection to girls wearing westernized clothes? YOU are wearing them. I am wearing them. EVERYONE is . Are the girls second class citizens that their clothing has to be monitored? Do they not have choices? Feelings? Are they different from males? Do they have three legs or something?

Now, I have another question to all my male counterparts who at some point in their lives have contributed in eve teasing, whether in jest or not. If I tease your sister, wife, friend, well-wisher, girlfriend, would you spare me? Of course not. You would lunge at my throat and not hesitate to kill me. Now, think. Put YOURSELVES into their shoes. How must they have felt? More importantly,the victim, think about her. What would she do now? Do you think she’ll be okay after this? How can you let this happen? Do you not have a conscious? Did it occur to you, in the very least, you were doing something wrong? Are you people retarded?

Then, to the part which will ENSURE that these kind of things will keep happening. In a city so large, in an area so busy, in a place where police patrols are more profusely situated then cow droppings, did not ANYONE hear her pleas? Are you made of stone? I mean what kind of useless people are you, if you can’t help a girl who is of the age of maybe your sisters? Are you blind, deaf and dumb as well as retarded?

And to the authorities, politely putting it. DO SOMETHING USEFUL! ARREST THE GODDAMN CULPRINTS! ARRST THE GODDAMN JOURNALIST!! ARE YOU SO USELESS, MR. CM , that you will smile and wave and expect us to forget it? YOU ARE WRONG.

And to the victim, we, the youth are with you. You will not feel lonely. Today I saw your interview. You said you wanted a safe house for now. You can drop by our home any time, even at the middle of the night. You will always find a comforting hand, a listening ear, a cozy bed and a warm meal for you. THE YOUTH IS BACKING YOU, Mousumi. We are with you. Do not lose heart and youl get justice. We pledge ourselves to that and to all the wronged women in the country. 


~Anubhav Deka