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 Story as told to Zena Costa (@zenacostawrites ) by Jemmy Gabra ( @GemmyGabra on twitter)


The Story of fourteen year old Sarrah begins 30 Sept., 2012 after she finished the school day, her family was waiting for her to return from school but she didn’t.  After a big search in the village (Dabaa-matroh-North west of Egypt ), they didn’t find her. After a while some salafis came to them telling that their child was married to one of them and became, so you don’t have to search her nor asking for even seeing her and they menace them hardly if they call the police…the family who had nothing to do to return their child went to call for the return of their child, as. the law of marriage in Egypt is 18 year for girls”, so after many attempts the minister of interior said to them that he had nothing to do in this case and the whole of thing is in the hand of the chief of Salafis Yasser el borhamy- Yasser el borhamy is one of the greatest chief of salafis in Egypt if he isn’t the greatest he said many times that any girl can be married if she would have only 9 yo and even less by Quran. 

Birth certificate of Sarrah 

So the family provided the government and media the birth certificate of Sarrah that prove she had 14 yo (born on August 1 1998), after hard sessions finally the case gone to some media, and in a talk show the representative of salafis in this case said that Sarah wont return back and girls can be married if they were 9 yo, the human rights organisation in Germany denounces the kidnapped and rape of Sarah in their report, also many reports them in Egypt, So After more than month west Alexandria AG orders in November 3 the arrest of sarrah’s kidnapper Mahmoud Seleem 28 a Salafi in Matrouh  but the government doesn’t proceed till this date, Sarrah is now kidnapped for more than 40 days and could be rapped several times in a great silent of Egyptian society, politician and media…

German human Rights organisation denounce the kidnap and rape of sarrah :


Following are some of the news items posted by members on our Facebook Group, Justice For Women

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The more I read up on news about crime against women, in India or abroad, I can’t help but think where is this world going.

How can we make it stop? Can we at all make it stop? If we can, why don’t we? If we want to, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it!!