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Dear Son

What did we do wrong? We brought you up to be a nice boy.We gave you morals and values.
As a child you always came first in class, your mother used to prepare your favourite dishes. Your sister was not that good in studies but always helped around the house.
You were a bit naughty but that’s okay. Boys are a little naughty. Always leaving your clothes strewn around, your mother and sister were forever picking up after you. But you were not a bad boy.
Remember, you beat up that boy when you were in class XI because he teased your sister on the way back from school? You also got a cut on your cheek but we were proud of you.
What happened? Your poor mother is sick with worry, she is sure there is some story behind this.
When we saw your face on that video we could not believe it!
Please tell me it is not you tearing the clothes off that girl. Please tell me its not you, smiling, as he molests a young girl on the street. Please tell me I have not failed as a parent , as a father! Please tell me What did we do wrong
An Anguished father

Following letter is written by Priyanjana Das in light of Guwahati incident:

The incident which happened in Guwahati has left the entire country shocked and petrified.  It has been hit by a terribly shocking incident of a girl being molested by a group of twenty men, beating her up mercilessly before stripping her clothes and molesting her in one of the busiest roads of Guwahati. The Incident did not happen with the 20 men and the girl alone on the busiest road but present there people from media, who filmed the entire molestation without fail and made it viral on youtube. On watching that video, it would send chill down your spine to see men giggling and enjoying themselves while making the video.

There has been a lot of questions raised on it Nationwide and it has been trending on Twitter and other social sites. We have raised some questions concerned about it to The Hon’ble Chief Minister Of Assam, regarding the concept of safety which seems far way from reality.

1. We agree to it that the video footage have helped us identify 7 men out of the 20 and the Police has caught 3 of them, but why has the media flashed the entire video footage on TV and it went viral of youtube, could it not have taken snapshots of people and asked for identification quizzes? Or they could have just given the video to the police for further investigation. If tomorrow we get raped, will we be filmed and flashed on TV? We would like to know what steps have been taken to ban unethical journalism when they do not practice the basic ethics of media?

2. Did the media who filmed the video call the police? Did the spectators around just stand and merely enjoy the show? and if they called for police, where was the police? GS Road is the busiest road in Guwahati. We would like to know how much time are we away from safety calls?3. Was the internet footage necessary to create this attention? We would like to know if the police has been slow to act against molesters?

4. Why is the State government silent despite the nationwide rage? We would also like to know if the carelessness of the media has been addressed to by the Government?

5. Also, with 3 caught and the other 17 uncaught, has the girl been provided protection with molesters still roaming around and looming in the city in large numbers.

6. In Assam, the rate of crime against women is a shocking 36.9 per lakh, almost double the national average at 18.9. Are we planning to continue with this?

6. And the last question, has anyone ever thought of the trauma and psychological impact the girl has faced for this uncalled for incident made even more dirty by the careless reporting of the media? If so, has she been provided with psychological counselling? 

We are just a group of students and  we have raised some questions regarding the felonious and appalling crime committed and we expect an answer.

Priyanjana Das 

Kasturi Ratan Verma

Shruti Sarma Hazarika

Kaustuv Prakash Pathak