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I wrote this post while traveling since my mind cannot rest. Since the current incidents have assured me that nobody else but ME has to take charge of my own safety. 

She has a guy with her, she is safe-> is one of the common notions, which a lot of women have. But the recent Delhi Rape case proved it wrong and has brought the brutal truth in front of us. No doubt having a guy while you’re traveling late night or through a dingy area is good but to entirely depend on them is NOT.

Everyday I see a lot of girls making claims that they are safe since they have a boyfriend, even if they are living away from home. They have a guy to protect them and fight for them. What they don’t realize is that the guy is not going to be there 24/7 and the guy doesn’t ensure safety. Instead of relying on a guy for one’s safety, women of today need to take charge of their safety to themselves.

Girls/Women/Kids need to be self-sufficient that they can kick balls of anyone who tries to misbehave. Women need to be mentally strong and should know atleast basic self-defense techniques. They need to learn how to get out of some tricky situations or how to use their bags/phones/magazines as a tool for safety. They need to have the inner self-confidence and let it reflect on their faces. They need to be mentally prepared to face the worst of situations alone. Even woman needs to set an example for others and show the men that they’re not feeble, they will not keep quiet, they will stand up for themselves.

Apart from this, we hear about a lot of cases where a boyfriend or a husband is the cause of the sexual assault or molestation or physical damage. Women need to learn to stand up for themselves and not face any kind of violence or misbehavior. There is peer pressure or family pressure, but if you don’t stand for yourselves; nobody else will.

Break the rules, but say NO to Injustice. Say NO to misbehavior. Say NO to anything that pulls you down.

More power to the Women community!


Guest post by a guy who believes you can be safe if you look at signs.

The government cannot make harsher laws to make you safe.

The cops cannot be more vigilant to make you safe.

There is only one person in this world who can make you safe. You are that person. Only YOU can ensure you are safe.

Here are some practical steps I have been sharing with my sisters. This is what I would like to share with you.

  • Be alert. Look for warning signs. Trust your instincts.

Is the area you’re walking through in the middle of the night really safe? Is the party you’re going to full of strangers exhibiting strange behavior? Is your boyfriend groping you without consent? Women know something is wrong about a situation even before they can really put a finger on what is really wrong about it. The tragedy is in not respecting that first thought you get.

  • Respect reality. Know the harsh truths about your surroundings.

Is your society ready for your freedom to wear what you wish to? Are people around you generally sexually liberated? Have the people you interact with been exposed to global fashion trends that not only tolerate but maybe even encourage the show of skin? It is one thing to say that you should have the right to wear what you want to, act friendly and intimate with anyone you wish to, etc. but a completely different thing to say that I will knowingly put a juicy chunk of meat in a pool full of starving piranhas and expect them to not pounce on it. Sure women’s rights activist will want to hang me for saying this, but to them I say just one thing – please live to fight the battle another day. What needs to be changed is the male mindset. If you truly want to win this battle, be prepared to fight a long and tiring battle. And prepare to live. Taking your chances out there on the minefield will not help.

  • Stand up for others in distress.

Are you the kinds who is holding a candle in one of the protests today but on some other day have quietly seen someone’s daughter or sister get eve teased or assaulted in public without helping them? Shame on you! If you really want to take a stand against assaults on women, that candle light vigil will do nothing compared to what assisting a woman in need can do. This really is the most under rated strategy to bring about a change in the male mindset. Show the males their disgusting attitudes will not be tolerated and you have a chance of curing them of their ill. Show them that the might of the decent folks far outshine the might of the disgusting folks and you have a chance to strike fear in their hearts the way no harsh law ever could. The domino effect of that act can ensure someone else who may target you in the future is already discouraged.

  • Learn self defense. Not just physical but mental and emotional too.

You think rape is only physical? You think it is just the body that gets violated? Wrong. The assault is always at multiple levels. And so should your self defense be. For times when all your precautions fail you, sure you should learn Judo, Karate or anything else you can enroll for. But also know that if, God forbid, the unthinkable happens, you are not the one at fault. You are not to be blamed. The shame must fall on the perpetrators of that heinous act. Don’t get into a cocoon and let those bastards walk free. Fight them. And the spineless others who might discourage you. They may have struck first, but you can still finish it!

Hi guys,

Technology is a boon or a bane it’s up to us how we use it. We can use it for our safety too. With more and more people using smartphones, it’s becoming easier to get close to technology on-the-go. In this blog post, I will guide you through some easy tips where your smart phone can save you from a tricky situation or how you can use Technology effectively :

1) Keeping Direct Dial (1 number) shortcut on your Home screen :


Direct dial in Widgets


Direct Dial on “Home Screen”

 Go to Widgets>> Add Direct Dial. Or Long press the Home Screen>> Add widget of direct dial. For example, at least have that 1 friend who can take you out of the tricky situation or who’ll be available to talk to you through it. Keeping the shortcut on-screen will help you to quickly dial the number instead of going to keypad and speed dialing.

2) Using “Google Latitude” effectively :


Google Latitude & Adding friends there

Google Latitude determines your actual position (only if your GPRS is ON) and lets you add your friends to the network. Make sure you’ve added few friends who are tech savvy and understand the usage of Google Latitude. If you’re venturing out on a slightly unsafe route (i/e if it’s important and unavoidable) or if you’re stepping out or going back home late night; make sure you ask them to keep a check on you through it.

3) Using Social networking websites wisely :

If you’re traveling alone or going back from your office, avoid posting your location on any of the social networking sites. You might not know who is stalking you because stalkers don’t come with a warning or a message.

Make sure you don’t have the “Location On” feature ticked on Twitter or Facebook. If you do have, switch it off right away.

If you’ve posted some Location enabled tweets in the past, please delete them by logging to Twitter for Web.

4) Using Foursquare wisely:

Foursquare is a location check-in website which most of those owning a smart phone use. One needs to be careful while accepting requests from unknown people there, and about connecting it with their social networking profiles.

Try not posting each Foursquare check-in to Facebook or Twitter. Stalkers just need a location to follow you.

5) Application for Android :


Application Widget for “Home Screen”

If you own an Android phone, download this application from Play Store – “Panic Button Widget”Download

This allows you to pre-feed one number. After you do that, place a widget on your home screen. If you sense danger, you can press this button which will send a text message to the number you have entered and with 2 taps, it will call that person.

There are many more applications which you can download and test, and use as per your convenience.

Technology can save your life! And it can put you in a problem if not used wisely. Hope you’ll enjoyed reading the tips.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding about any apps or the tech aspect, feel free to write to me at ankitagarg [at] justiceforwomen [dot] org or tweet me @bubbly_ank.