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In the times of female foeticide, molestation, rape, acid attack & more; it’s the women who have to protect themselves from the big bad world. Either by being over alert or by learning self-defense.

But what about the school going schools who are not even aware about most of these issues. There are cases when a young girl is molested, touched at inappropriate places and she is either too scared to tell anyone or unaware that something bad happened.

What is the solution?

We cannot stop the crime but we can surely bring about awareness. Every girl should be made aware of her private parts in school or by family/cousins. They should know that any unknown person touching them in those places in not appropriate. Also, the family should make sure their daughter knows she can share every single incident with them, even if it is something inappropriate. The young girls should have enough faith that their family would support them in all ways. Also, basic defense mechanism should be made compulsory in every school. And for those unfortunate girls who don’t attend school, some special classes about awareness & defense should be arranged.

If education & awareness starts right from the young age, a lot of unfortunate incidents can be prevented or tackled.

More power to the young girls!!


This post (in hierarchical order from new to older) comprises of all the news related to molestation of schoolchildren, specially girls and how are they oppressed .

  1. Teacher arrested for molesting student in Goa
  2. Teacher accused of pushing girl into flesh trade
  3. Two teachers held for raping students in Rajasthan
  4. Professor arrested for molesting student
  5. Principal booked for forcing schoolgirl to strip
  6. West Bengal school principal accused of drugging, molesting students in hostel
  7. Will teach only if you sit on lap, teacher tells students


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