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Lying on the roadside …near the garbage heap,

Covered in your mother’s blood …

Your barely formed head…covered with sparse hair….wet…

Your eyes are clenched closed ……and pointed chin touches your barely moving chest…

Fists closed …arms crossed across your unformed breasts…

Your knees are drawn up tightly across your tiny caved in stomach…

The placenta torn and sneaking through them and lying …like a withered snake …unsure…

Your thin legs are crossed at the tiny delicate ankles…pink toes speckled with blood…

I see you my daughter…


 I see you my daughter…

Lying on the roadside …near the garbage heap,

Covered in your own blood …

Your head covered with sticky mottled hair …lying bedraggled across your bare shoulders…

Your eyes are clenched closed ……and pointed chin touches your barely moving chest…

Fists closed …arms crossed across your beautiful bare breasts with burn marks …

Your knees are drawn up tightly across your curved stomach…

The womanhood torn and sneaking through them and lying …like a withered snake …unsure…

Your bare long legs are crossed at the ankles…red coloured toes speckled with blood…

I see you my daughter…

 A journey of a million smiles ….a million blessings…so many tiny dancing steps…so many birthday gifts…a zillion words…so many classes and teachers… beautiful dreams …a journey of a million tears…

…to end from your mother’s blood in your own …from death to death …

 © Dr. Anita Hada Sangwan

I wrote this post while traveling since my mind cannot rest. Since the current incidents have assured me that nobody else but ME has to take charge of my own safety. 

She has a guy with her, she is safe-> is one of the common notions, which a lot of women have. But the recent Delhi Rape case proved it wrong and has brought the brutal truth in front of us. No doubt having a guy while you’re traveling late night or through a dingy area is good but to entirely depend on them is NOT.

Everyday I see a lot of girls making claims that they are safe since they have a boyfriend, even if they are living away from home. They have a guy to protect them and fight for them. What they don’t realize is that the guy is not going to be there 24/7 and the guy doesn’t ensure safety. Instead of relying on a guy for one’s safety, women of today need to take charge of their safety to themselves.

Girls/Women/Kids need to be self-sufficient that they can kick balls of anyone who tries to misbehave. Women need to be mentally strong and should know atleast basic self-defense techniques. They need to learn how to get out of some tricky situations or how to use their bags/phones/magazines as a tool for safety. They need to have the inner self-confidence and let it reflect on their faces. They need to be mentally prepared to face the worst of situations alone. Even woman needs to set an example for others and show the men that they’re not feeble, they will not keep quiet, they will stand up for themselves.

Apart from this, we hear about a lot of cases where a boyfriend or a husband is the cause of the sexual assault or molestation or physical damage. Women need to learn to stand up for themselves and not face any kind of violence or misbehavior. There is peer pressure or family pressure, but if you don’t stand for yourselves; nobody else will.

Break the rules, but say NO to Injustice. Say NO to misbehavior. Say NO to anything that pulls you down.

More power to the Women community!

Guest post by Ayesha Sultana, an advocate working on the case of rape of Hindu minors in Umerkot.

I, as an advocate have always had an extremely tedious time in writing about sexual violence perpetuated upon children.

These particular cases are alarming as this is indicative of a systemic violence in terms of addressing reported cases of sexual assault of minors in religious minority communities of Pakistan. I assume this is a systemic problem as 2 cases of minor from same district has come forward, so I am not sure if there are more incident which havent been reported at all.

I guess this is becoming a trend for Pakistan Peoples Party [PPP] where they have turned out to be one of the biggest violators of women rights and human rights. They do claim to be “liberal” and “progressive” in their values but their actions are far worst than imaginable.

After the case of Rinkle Kumari and Mian Mithoo [MP] who is fiercely protected by PPP, the person who is responsible for abduction, rape and forcible conversion of Rinkle. Sharjeel Memon [MP] also got away with the same incident in 2010 in Nagarparker. When that survivor and her family had gone on hunger strike outside the Hyderabad press club, Sharmila Farooqui [MP] was sent to them to pressure them to drop the case. Now we have new cases of Hindu minor girls who were sexually assaulted in Sindh by a local political worker.

The reason we were getting conflicting reports is because there are two rape incidents of minors from Umerkot. One of V who is 6yrs old, other one is who is 14 yrs old.

[1] Both the cases of assault are politically connected to the leading govt in the same district.

[2] The reason I have decided not to use the name of 14yr old survivor as her family is facing an extremely tough time due to her rapists’ political connection.

Vi is 6-year-old daughter of labourer Munwar Meghwar, residing in Ghulam Nabi Shah a small town of district Umerkot. She was sexually assaulted on evening of 4th December 2012, she was playing in the street in front of her house from where she was abducted. She was admitted at civil hospital Mirpurkhas with number of complications and is under treatment till 11 December. After being unsatisfied with doctors’ performance they were sent to Karachi after further protests.

Her initial forensic reports were rejected by the incharge officer and they have sent her blood spotted shalwar [trouser] to Lahore Forensic Laboratory on December 24th. We were informed by survivor’s uncle that alleged perpetrator and his henchmen are political workers of Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) and its spiritual head – Pir Saheb Pagaro. Pir is the most powerful person of the province and has armed groups. Muhammad Mangrio also derives his political clout form his brother-in-law, the former town Nazim (Chairman) of the Borough and has very close links with the Pakistan Military

The second case of sexual assault of minor was reported on December 23rd. After verification from official sources, its FIR no 61/12 u/s 354 ppc on the complaint of “Bheel” against 3 accused. “Bheel” are scheduled caste Hindus and unfortunately in rural Sindh, sexual assault of minor girls in their community is common due to their minority status.The application of innocuous sec 354 Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) clearly shows malafide as its bailable and it would further aggravate things for the victim.

The accused names are Aziz, Majeed & Maroof. The case is high-profile as mentioned earlier as one of the accused involved is the local leader of PPP while the other accused belongs to powerful and influential “Rind” clan in Sindh.

The survivor’s father and other community members went to Chachro taluka hospital for a medical checkup, but the doctors refused to carry it out without a FIR. When the father asked the police to file a FIR, they also refused. “We are very poor,” the father said. “It is an injustice against our daughter. We need justice but no one is willing to cooperate.”

After raping the Hindu minor & not getting any forensics done, there was an attempt to kidnap her too. The survivor is a Bheel — not just Hindu, but a scheduled caste Hindu. The rape of children from scheduled castes is very common in Sindh.

[Note: December 27th: No medico-legal exam aka rape kit has been performed on the 14yr old rape survivor from Umerkot]

Sindh Police is not helping rape survivor in Umerkot case as SSP of the district is brother of Ayaz Soomro, who is a member of PPP, aka law minister.

The two prominent journalists of the area, Arbab Bheel of Dharti TV and Mushtaq Qamber of Daily Sindh Express, have been threatened by the alleged perpetrator, Muhammad Mangrio, over the telephone and later in person by his henchmen that if they come to his place for further reporting they would be killed.

Child sexual abuse is one of the horrendous crimes which can be inflicted upon anyone. Minority Hindus in rural Sindh have been targeted with abduction, sexual violence and forced religious conversions, it’s about time, the civil society of Pakistan stood up against this madness against the ruling party of Pakistan for systemically protecting rapists.

We are appealing to local population to provide security to both families so that they can protected from further political persecution or police harassment in Umerkot in Sindh. We want Pakistani people to call their MPs and register their complaint with them. We want everyone outside of Pakistan to call respective Pakistani embassies and high commissions all over the world and ensure that justice is provided to both survivors of child sexual abuse.

These are not just simple cases of violence as they are indicative of systemic violence perpetuated by the leading political party and its misuse of power. They have been misusing their powers in rural areas of Sindh and perpetuating violence on Sindhi Hindus for quiet sometime now. It’s about time they were held accountable and brought to justice for protecting rapists and establishing culture of rape apologia.

Lets challenge systemic violence everywhere!

Reported Sources:


If anyone needs any information; they can speak with me I have been in touch with the family.

1. The 2nd survivor name as confirmed by SSP, her name is not released to all sources of media, so I am not releasing her name here.

2. My source of information are SSP with Sindh Police, uncle of V Meghawar, Express Tribune, local grassroots NGO SEWA

Guest post by Sadho who is currently working with (a people-powered media) to revolutionize the news and how it’s read, shared and followed on the Internet:

Change mindset? Really?

For a moment let’s forget the rapes of 20-30 year old women!

Explain to me, how do you plan to change the mindset of that man who abused his 6-year-old daughter for 1 and half-year and invited his friends to do the same? Tell me, how do you plan to change the mindset of that man who raped his friend’s daughter who was again, a 6-year-old?

A 20-year-old student was raped in a moving bus and beaten with an iron rod for 45 minutes along with her male friend and then thrown out in a semi-naked state and you all are talking about changing mindset?

You really need to wake up!

Do you think these people who commit a crime so heinous as rape, care for your “educated rant” about changing mindset?

Are you all really that naive to think that any amount of education, exposure to rights, human values, etc will change the attitude and thinking of such men? No, seriously?

These men have become fearless. And in their fearlessness, they have forgotten everything that is there to humanity and emotions of others. This absence of fear has made them blind. And fear is what can control them. They need to be taught a lesson. A lesson so frightening, so gut wrenching, so much more humiliating than the very crime that they commit, that others won’t even dare to so much as even think of raping or even passing a vulgar line to another woman.

Because trust me, no amount of lecture, social education, attempts to change mindset is going to do any good. You can’t inspire them to become someone they are not. So shut the f**k up. Because they simply don’t care. But what we can do is make them fear. And that can only happen when these men are caught and shot in their d***s in full public view and then are left there to die a death they never thought they would get for their heinous act!

Fear, my educated friends, and only fear will drive them to keep their d***s under control.

And NO, it’s not an eye for an eye kind of justice. In fact, it is not justice at all. It’s wrong. It’s unethical. And it should not be done. But, it has to be done in order to put a leash on such people. It must be done in order to prevent another pervert from even daring to think of committing rape in future. It must be done in order to make this country safe for women. It MUST be done in order to STOP RAPE!

 Zena Costa, independent Sports Mgmt Prof. & writer, blogs to help you and & loved ones heal from a life of tribulations and move onto a better tomorrow. Because it’s you, and only you that can help yourself.

My years as a journo helped me meet women from all walks of life across all cultures. It’s imperrative that before seeking solutions we UNDERSTAND RAPE.

Rape is like a violent storm that cuts a swath through the lives of victims and those who love them. Left in its wake are complex feelings of grief, anger, confusion, fear, helplessness, isolation, uncertainty, injustice, and a profound sense that one’s world may never be the same again.

For many victims, rape is moment that divides in their lives . . . life before the rape and life now. In some measure, the same is true for those who are closest to the victim including husbands, fathers, brothers, and male companions. For all, one consequence of rape is that it can shape peoples’ perceptions of themselves and their interactions with others. In particular, it seems as if many of the rules that govern how victims and their loved ones conduct their lives and relate to one another are changed in the after­math of rape.

How does a victim of rape regain control of her life? As a man whose lady-love gets raped, as mother or as a father who loves her, what can you do to help her recover? How can you preserve and strengthen a relationship with someone you love if she is raped? To answer these questions, you must first understand what rape is.

Rape maybe defined as an act of sexual violence that is usually perpetrated by males against females, which is accompanied by threat and intimidation, and which is imposed upon a victim against her will.

Rape is about power, control, and domination. Rape is not about sex, though it is a violent crime that is expressed sexually. The victim has not “asked for it” and does not enjoy it. The victim was forced by someone who overpowered her, and possibly terrorized her with a weapon and threats of extreme bodily harm. Rape is life-threatening and life-altering; it severely traumatizes the victim.

Rape is a disturbingly frequent crime that occurs thou­sands of times each year. Rape is one of the least reported crimes, in part because many victims fear how they might be treated if they divulge what has happened. By choosing to remain silent, many rape survivors are also trying to protect others from the consequences of their victimization. It is an act of courage and trust for a woman to divulge to another that she was raped.

Most of the resources of rape-crisis centers and counseling facilities are directed toward providing immediate help to the victim. But others also are in a position to help, including men. Because of the violent and sexual nature of rape, the husbands, fathers, brothers, and male friends who are important to victims may have a difficult time coming to terms with what has happened. Many are well-intentioned and want to help, but do not know what to do. Yet these men often have the greatest impact on her recovery — positively or negatively — depending on what they say and how they act.

Although most men want to help, many are ill-prepared to respond constructively. This may be because they think of rape as a “woman’s problem.” They have little understanding of how rape will affect their relationship with the person they love. To make matters worse, myths about rape compound the difficulties of recovery for victims.

If your wife, daughter, sister, or friend is raped, Seek counselling – You will learn what happens to her in the aftermath of an assault. You will learn what you should and should not do. It will give you the tools necessary to maintain a healthy relationship with the person you love.