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Guest post by @GalenesBombayia / Shilpa. She talks about a completely different perspective of a girl on the recent Delhi Rape case and crimes against women.

While the Nation mourns to the heinous act of mankind which engulfed a woman of twenty-three and her male friend brutally on an evening like any other in India’s capital, Delhi, I have come face to face upon a path which slowly eats me from within as I attempt to understand the issue of rising crimes against women with my non-Delhite friends and elders alike.

Having arrived to India five years ago from an entirely different environment back in the West where I practically spend my entire life, I was certainly in for a rude shock. It is not that I did not know that there is the so called innocent “eve-teasing” and minute groping which I should learn to adjust with if I plan to avoid any trouble for me and my family, though what did alarm me was the attitude towards it all. If I am seen wearing anything above my knees by my neighbourhood men then I am apparently inviting it.  My father calls it keeping the “undesired attention” under wraps.

I come from a fairly liberal middle class family who had never lifted a brow on as to what I wear, the men I hang out with and what time I came home, back abroad. So when one by one every right or rather preference was snatched away I struggled. Struggled with my parents and their sudden conservative outlook towards life and me. Days would go in absolute furry and cold silence between me and them. When I threw tantrums as to why can I not wear my micro shorts as the terrible Delhi weather demands it and some girls do, my father would say, “I don’t have a chauffeur and you take the public transport”, whereas, before my mother could utter a word my grandmother would echo her exceptionally irksome statement on the fact that such girls do not come from good families and each time I clenched my teeth and walked away for the sake of harmony in the family as all Indian mothers I guess teach you to do. However, I demand to know what does clothes, language and preferences be it of any sphere have to do with one’s character as long as they are not creating a hindrance in maintaining decorum to a place, basically implying that a bikini is apt on a beach while in a conference it seems not. The activities in a particular arena of one’s life should not have a negative implication on another.

Yet, as I fought endlessly with those around me and myself, I could slowly see myself losing the battle; kurtis, jeans and duppata replaced the dresses, shorts and tank tops. As time passed I came to register the fact that if I want to remain away from terrible consequences which may shatter my well-being I should simply alter my dress code. Time constraints and giving an hourly update of my location was nothing unnatural anymore for a girl who earlier knew no bounds. The regular rape cases made me realize that perhaps my parents were right after all. So when Barkha Dutt tweeted on Twitter after the gang rape occurred in the cities busiest places, “If you curb your daughter’s life from fear, you let the rapists win. So set her free. And let her fight. And demand safer cities.” it certainly strung a bitter cord which had a larger resonance than all those favs that the tweet got. After all who would know better than a woman who in her bloom fought with herself and her family to reclaim her mere right to assert her preferences like so many others.

The concepts of freedom, freewill and equality which were inherent in my very being took a back seat when I embraced silence for my parent’s convenience. Till safety laws and policies only do lip-service who would want to stand up to fight for the cause which is sooner or later forgotten amidst the rat race which each finds themselves in? When the government and its law makers are critical victims of the post-facto system, who would have the courage to divert from their guardian’s words which remind you time and again to learn from other’s mistakes?

All the current sentiments and expressions of unjust treatment are understandable. Yet, how does one explain to a Mumbaikar whose day starts at two in the night that while the police there has a strong hold on its subjects, here they are unfortunately a mocked lot. With all due respect to the victim I do wonder that perhaps had she been a bit more careful as to not board a tinted bus which was not even running on route that day then today her fate may have been somewhat different. Perhaps had she observed that all the passengers were men and appeared mischievous in one way or the other then the indomitable spirit the victim has displayed while battling for her life need not have been even called for.

In no context is the victim to be blamed for what transpired on that unfortunate evening. Though, a being without power like millions in the country does question themselves as to why did the victim have to commit the “mistake” of being unaware of her circumstances for even once as when our so called protectors cannot guarantee our safety then she should have understood that it’s in her own hands to do so.

Let’s NOT Rest! Reach the Media

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Guest Blog post by @probablytrippy. This piece of writing is originally posted here & has been taken after permission. It gives details of all PR/Media contacts on Social networking sites and how few mins of our efforts can bring about a change. 

Rape in india is systemic – it is not a one off case here and there but a systematic abuse of women which can not be tolerated by any citizen.

Our individual anger will not make the government shift. We must make our voices heard, as one huge group. ANd we need to make sure the people who hear it can actually impact the national conversation.

One of the most important people our voice can influence is “Media”. Continual media coverage of rape in the country and systemic and judicial failures in addresing it will amplify our outrage, maybe even get the government to listen.

We will achieve this by (You can read the letter here)

–  continuous and vociferous communication of our anger to media decision makers and reporters using all social media outlets available to us.

– The demand for a specific publicly posted WRITTEN confirmation by a media channel to its viewers that a specific number of minutes in the newscycle to the heinous crime of rape, and to highlight points of systemic and judicial failures.

– The demand for specific publicly posted WRITTEN confirmation by a media channel to its viewers that special care will be taken with headlines/bugs/graphics that portray “woman as victim” rather than “man as violent aggresor”

If we get a critical mass in this, and the channel does not respond, we go on to step 2, hit them where it hurts, target their advertisers. And then, friends, they will have to listen.

But to get to step 2, we must reach a critical mass. We need to FLOOD their Facebook, their twitter, their websites, every place, with a CONSISTENT message, over and over again. Every day. They need to get hundreds

Below are some draft templates for tweets/FB posts/Comments that you can use. you can obviously change the wordings but DO remember to link back to our list of demands – i have kept them reasonable, actionable, and measurable – please lets not argue about whether it is enough or not – its a start.

Here is a list of mediafolk on twitter, to get you started

Twitter option (enough space to address @ someone)

FB post option/Comment option

You could also choose to simply share this post on your fb or twitter. all it takes is one click – surely you can do that much?

Hi guys,

Technology is a boon or a bane it’s up to us how we use it. We can use it for our safety too. With more and more people using smartphones, it’s becoming easier to get close to technology on-the-go. In this blog post, I will guide you through some easy tips where your smart phone can save you from a tricky situation or how you can use Technology effectively :

1) Keeping Direct Dial (1 number) shortcut on your Home screen :


Direct dial in Widgets


Direct Dial on “Home Screen”

 Go to Widgets>> Add Direct Dial. Or Long press the Home Screen>> Add widget of direct dial. For example, at least have that 1 friend who can take you out of the tricky situation or who’ll be available to talk to you through it. Keeping the shortcut on-screen will help you to quickly dial the number instead of going to keypad and speed dialing.

2) Using “Google Latitude” effectively :


Google Latitude & Adding friends there

Google Latitude determines your actual position (only if your GPRS is ON) and lets you add your friends to the network. Make sure you’ve added few friends who are tech savvy and understand the usage of Google Latitude. If you’re venturing out on a slightly unsafe route (i/e if it’s important and unavoidable) or if you’re stepping out or going back home late night; make sure you ask them to keep a check on you through it.

3) Using Social networking websites wisely :

If you’re traveling alone or going back from your office, avoid posting your location on any of the social networking sites. You might not know who is stalking you because stalkers don’t come with a warning or a message.

Make sure you don’t have the “Location On” feature ticked on Twitter or Facebook. If you do have, switch it off right away.

If you’ve posted some Location enabled tweets in the past, please delete them by logging to Twitter for Web.

4) Using Foursquare wisely:

Foursquare is a location check-in website which most of those owning a smart phone use. One needs to be careful while accepting requests from unknown people there, and about connecting it with their social networking profiles.

Try not posting each Foursquare check-in to Facebook or Twitter. Stalkers just need a location to follow you.

5) Application for Android :


Application Widget for “Home Screen”

If you own an Android phone, download this application from Play Store – “Panic Button Widget”Download

This allows you to pre-feed one number. After you do that, place a widget on your home screen. If you sense danger, you can press this button which will send a text message to the number you have entered and with 2 taps, it will call that person.

There are many more applications which you can download and test, and use as per your convenience.

Technology can save your life! And it can put you in a problem if not used wisely. Hope you’ll enjoyed reading the tips.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding about any apps or the tech aspect, feel free to write to me at ankitagarg [at] justiceforwomen [dot] org or tweet me @bubbly_ank.

This post comprises of rape news from all across the country. Newer news items on the top.

  1. Delhi: teen gang raped for a week
  2. RPF cop rapes 20-year-old at New Delhi railway station
  3. Widow stabbed, gang-raped at knife-point by 3 relatives
  4. Woman dragged into car in Kolkata and gang-raped
  5. Mumbai: Indian origin US national doctor arrested for raping married woman
  6. Delhi: 15-year-old girl abducted, sold and raped
  7. Three youths molest pregnant woman in bus; one held
  8. UP: 12-yr-old set afire for resisting rape attempt in Fatehpur
  9. Tamil Nadu: Doctor rapes 16-yr-old patient in semi-conscious state
  10. UP shocker: Doctors rape 32-year-old woman during treatment
  11. Delhi girl gang-raped in Faridabad, one arrested

Kindly keep us updated with more stories and articles on our Twitter account and Facebook group.

I asked this question on Twitter to all those following #Justiceforwomen: What do you think can really make these rapes & assaults stop? Actual, plausible suggestions. I am still wondering..

Following are some of the replies that I received:

@nimue: the will to not go down without a fight and to never accept the crime as ur fate.

@DaEternalRebel: Vigilantism

@SunilBtg: The certainty, swiftness and severity of punishment

>We need to lobby with the Law Commission, the Chief Justice of India, NCW, NHRC and the Law Ministry

@deepakbhx: A total upheaval complt change of social order, no half measures how bst intensioned it may be is 0. Rape is sh of power too!

@taklooman: stricter punishment and higher conviction rate in high profile cases involving famous/influential people.

 @Leopard212: women be armed. If threatened- shoot or kill the bastard. On a realistic level, massive constitutional and legal changes.

What can be concluded from these statements is that quite a lot of us believe in complete transformation of our social order, legal system and education along with being vigilant.

Need of the hour is not identification of problem but syndication of the solution. Now that we know what to do, let’s start working in that direction.

Instead of waiting and hoping, for a change let’s try to bring a change.

P.S.: Do tweet/post your suggestions and let’s discuss how to help our women.