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Feature in Upcloze

Slowly but surely we have been making a mark of our own. Recently we were featured in Upcloze, an online magazine on the work. Check out the link given.


I asked this question on Twitter to all those following #Justiceforwomen: What do you think can really make these rapes & assaults stop? Actual, plausible suggestions. I am still wondering..

Following are some of the replies that I received:

@nimue: the will to not go down without a fight and to never accept the crime as ur fate.

@DaEternalRebel: Vigilantism

@SunilBtg: The certainty, swiftness and severity of punishment

>We need to lobby with the Law Commission, the Chief Justice of India, NCW, NHRC and the Law Ministry

@deepakbhx: A total upheaval complt change of social order, no half measures how bst intensioned it may be is 0. Rape is sh of power too!

@taklooman: stricter punishment and higher conviction rate in high profile cases involving famous/influential people.

 @Leopard212: women be armed. If threatened- shoot or kill the bastard. On a realistic level, massive constitutional and legal changes.

What can be concluded from these statements is that quite a lot of us believe in complete transformation of our social order, legal system and education along with being vigilant.

Need of the hour is not identification of problem but syndication of the solution. Now that we know what to do, let’s start working in that direction.

Instead of waiting and hoping, for a change let’s try to bring a change.

P.S.: Do tweet/post your suggestions and let’s discuss how to help our women.

Some bizarre and equally horrid tales of crime against women from various parts of the country. This post has been updated with latest news links at the top.


  1. IRS officer booked for filming wife’s obscene video for dowry
  2. 13-year old girl beaten to death by village head
  3. Woman branded a witch, beaten up in Rajasthan
  4. Amaranth Yatra sevadars arrested for pilgrim’s nude MMS
  5. Woman fails to serve food quickly to son, killed
  6. Human sacrifice: Four arrested for killing girl
  7. Women talk to stranger, hacked to death by husband
  8. Honour killing: Girl murdered by mother, brother
  9. Inmates raped at will by outsiders in Hooghly rehabilitation home
  10. Karnataka: Husband forces wife to drink his urine for more dowry
  11. Girls forced to strip and clean classroom floor
  12. From the Delhi police: Why women deserve to be raped
  13. Student held for kissing girl on street
  14. Teenage girl dumps newborn to die

Please send in links to news items that you find.

Following are some of the news items posted by members on our Facebook Group, Justice For Women

  1. Teacher gets jail for cutting girl’s hair 
  2. Indore man fastens wife’s vagina with a lock, arrested
  3. Guwahati case: The questions about the fateful night of July 10
  4. Minor Muslim girl gang raped in Mewat; culprits at large
  5. Assaulted Dalit woman dies at hospital
  6. Rescued from kidnappers, girl raped by cops in UP
  7. Sexual assault likely to attract life imprisonment
  8. YouTube unveils face-blurring tool

The more I read up on news about crime against women, in India or abroad, I can’t help but think where is this world going.

How can we make it stop? Can we at all make it stop? If we can, why don’t we? If we want to, what are we waiting for? Let’s do it!!

My parents were almost killed fighting for their ideals and what they stand for. After 8 long years of fight, we finally won and justice was delivered to us and to that stranger with whom it all began.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt from my family, it is to stay true to who you are and what you believe in, rather die in a battle than choosing to run away from it and follow your heart along with your brain instead of choosing either extreme.

Justice for Women is not a selfless deed but a selfish act on my part to fight for My Rights and ensure my safety and protection. It is personal to me, what is it to you?

You don’t need to be a victim or their kin to realize why Women’s Rights are important. We’re as much part of this society as children, senior people, politicians or workers, if not more. I don’t have to get into a detailed report on contribution of women to this world to prove our value and importance.

  1. I am simply here to raise these question that you need to discuss with yourself.
  2. Why should you support this cause? What difference would it make to Your life?
  3. Why should this issue be so relevant and higher up in the hierarchy of priorities for you as well as our Government to resolve?

I shall continue to fight for it for as long as I can. If any of you are willing to be a part of this initiative, please connect with me through our official accounts. Hoping to hear from you soon.